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The Chronicles Era (From 4 ABY - To ...)


Note: BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) and ABY (After the Battle of Yavin)



            - Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

- Han Solo is rescued from Jabba the Hutt, and Jabba is killed by Leia Organa. Boba Fett is imprisoned in the Sarlacc, but later escapes by detonating his rocket jet-pack and is rescued by an unknown woman. Warlords begin to wage war over Jabba's criminal empire.


- Luke returns to Dagobah to keep a promise to complete his training. Yoda dies of old age after confirming that Darth Vader is Luke's father, and also tells of another Skywalker. It is revealed by the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi that Leia Organa is Luke's sister. Luke passes this information on to her on Endor.


- The Battle on Endor. Lando Calrissian, Wedge Antilles destroy the Second Death Star, hoping that virtually ending the Galactic Civil War. They had help from the Ewok's fighting through Imperial Forces to let a squad reach a ground station that emitted a protective force field around the Death Star. The Empire is brought to an end and begins to tear itself apart through warlordism. Admiral Piett dies when the Executor crashes into the Death Star.


- Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker is turned back to the light side of the Force by efforts of Luke Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker destroys Palpatine, saving his son's life. Luke cremates Anakin's body on Endor. Luke sees the spirits of Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda during the celebration on Endor.


            - Following the death of Palpatine at Endor, an uprising took place on Coruscant. Billions of people rebelled in their newfound freedom, and an armed uprising sprang out from the nonhuman-dominated sectors. Imperial patrols were attacked in the streets, statues of Palpatine were toppled and other Imperial symbols were desecrated.


            - In the mist of all the celebrating and rioting, Imperial authorities ordered a massive crackdown on the rebellious elements in the population and gave full power to the local military force to end the uprising and restore order on Coruscant. The military retaliation was horrendous and the death-tolls rose as the Empire struck down the insurrectionists and brought the populace back under its control.

           - The same retaliation happen in many planets, including Tatooine and Bespin, while on Naboo the uprising was successful in ending the Imperial domination over the planet with the help of Rebel Alliance.


           - In a secret facility, under Eskron orders began for several years to clone an infamous General that during the Clone Wars brought the Old Republic to its knees. The third version of General Grievous and his abilities impresses the Grand Moff that grants Grievous is old title back.


- As the year comes to a close, Grand Moff Eskron sends to the Rebel Alliance a message for the unconditional surrender of the Empire and he agrees to meet with the Rebel Alliance on the planet Bakura.


- Upon arriving to the planet, Luke Skywalker started to feel a great disturbance in the force. He did not know what it was causing this disturbance, but decided to investigate this disturbance while the proceedings to formulate the treaty of the Empire surrender were underway and in the meantime warned Leia to be prepared for the worse.

            - After days investigating, Luke was attacked by a female warrior trained the dark arts of Force, named Darth Morianna. Luke is almost killed in the process, but he is able to make way to where the proceedings were occurring, to warn the Alliance high officials and his sister in the danger they are in.

           - Luke is able to storm inside the chamber where the meeting was occurring and warned the Alliance high officials of the danger they were in. Upon facing Eskron, Luke learns that Eskron is also a Sith Lord, a true follower of Emperor Palpatine, not like the traitor Vader. At this time Darth Morianna appears again and she and her master Eskron engages in lighsaber duel against Luke Skywalker.

            - Luke had not the strength to defeat two Sith and when he was facing certain death, a reddish hair woman appeared and saves Luke Skywalker. This woman, by the name of Mara Jade, who was the only Emperor’s Hand that existed, attacked both Sith, to give cover so that Leia Organa and Han Solo could take the wounded Luke out of danger.

            - Mara Jade is able to escape from the duel, once she knew that Luke Skywalker was safe and sound, she disappears without a trace.

            - The remaining Rebel Alliance Fleet that was in orbit of Endor was attacked by Imperial forces under the command of General Grievous, forcing the Rebel Alliance to retreat with many casualties to their fleet.

- The Rebel Alliance fleet and its high command structure received a great blow, where a lot of people died in this elaborate attack by the Empire among the casualties are General Madine and General Dadonna. Luke Skywalker sees that the fight to restore the Old Republic and peace to the galaxy was far from over, now it only hoped that the Empire would continue to fracture as it had since the death of Emperor Palpatine at Endor. The Rebel Alliance High Command sought refuge on the planet Naboo, where they desperately try to reorganize themselves and continue their struggle against the Empire to restore peace and justice in the galaxy.

            - Luke begins to wonder that more people trained in the Jedi arts can be out there and decides to take leave of absence from his military career to find them, but his ultimate goal is to find the woman – Mara Jade – that saved his life and to answer the question that has been in his mind since Bakura: Why would the Emperor’s Hand save his life?

            - Eskron saw that all the high authorities of the Empire were full of incompetents who wished to have their chance to be the next Emperor. Eskron used his Black Operatives under the command of General Grievous and his dark apprentice Darth Morianna, succeeding to assassinate those who opposed Eskron from his path to power. With virtually no opposition, Eskron proclaims to be the next Emperor and reunites those different factions into like before Endor, into a single and united Empire.

- Luke discovers during his travels, that several Jedi Knights have survived the Empire’s Jedi Purge and trained a new generation of Jedi Knights. These Jedi Knights join Luke in the Rebel Alliance’s fight against the Empire and in the meanwhile seek a way to restore the Jedi Order, by finding new candidates as Padawans.

- Christoffer Tarkin leads his fleet and began to invade the Hapes Consortium, but in short months the Empire achieved victory and Imperial took control over the entire Hapes Consortium. The first confirm stories that General Grievous as return, with several refugees that escaped the Imperial invasion, as eyewitnesses that the General return to life. The Empire’s victory was achievable due to the brilliant tactics of General Grievous.

            - Luke Skywalker with Jedi Master T’ra Saa, begin to slowly rebuild the Jedi Order taking many candidates as padawans among the first are Atrum Curator, Sera Adranis and Alisson Blair.

            - The Empire had domination over a planet named Skor II, but with recent liberation of the planet by local authorities, Rebel Alliance goes there to negotiate with The King for Skor II to become a member of the Rebel Alliance. However the Empire attacks Skor II, where Skor and Rebel Alliance forces were caught by surprise, when out of nowhere group of old Republic Attack Cruisers (aka Venator-class Star Destroyer), was able to flak the Imperials, helping the Rebel forces to defeat the Empire. Before the Rebels could identify who these people were, they disappeared. Rebel Alliance negotiated with the King to join their cause. It took some persuasion from Rebel Alliance representative, Usil Ser’set, which the King decided to join the Rebel Alliance.

            - The adventure continues here…