The Jedi Order


The Jedi Code
The old Jedi Code was that was refined by Master Odan-Urr:

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no death, there is the Force.

The new Jedi Code refined by Master Delian Serti, after the Great Jedi Purge:

There is emotion, but there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is passion, but there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.
The Jedi are a community.
We serve each other.
We help each other.
We live for each other.
We together listen to the Force for guidance and inspiration.
We are members of the galactic society.

Meaning new Jedi Code by Master Delian Serti:

“Ever since the destruction of the Jedi Order, there has been a lot of soul searching. We needed to look at ourselves first. If Jedi were restored tomorrow, what would we be? What does it say about us that the people so easily and happily believe the things the Empire says about us? The people believed it even before the purge, in many corners. As Master Ulic Qel-Droma said, it is not enough to survive, we must be worthy of survival.”

The Jedi are changing. We are looking to the code, and examining it with fresh eyes. For the most part, it is the rules and regulations that are being discarded, as we discover that so much of what governed a Jedi’s life and role had little to do with the Code itself, and a lot to do with institutional customs and traditions. The last thousand years, the Sith studied, learned and changed, while we did nothing but sit still and practice fighting the *last* war. Now we’re defeated, and to rise again will require us to be better, smarter and wiser.

What we’ve largely come to is the idea of community as the answer to inequality and tyranny. The Jedi are a community (a family) amongst themselves. We serve each other, we help each other, we live for each other, and all together listen to the Force for guidance and inspiration. All species are part of a galactic community, and benefit from placing each other’s needs above their own. Each planet is part of galactic society and the Jedi been composed by many different species, each individual species are part of that galactic community, so the Jedi whether we like or not are a part of that galactic society.

There always be Masters, but now every Jedi has a say, but our voice is not law. Those who travel with us, now, have equal say. But it is also our responsibility (and theirs) to help each other, and not to simply fight for what *we* want or heedless of its impact on others. We can make hard decisions without unanimous consent, but only in dire circumstances, and only for defense – never attack.

For too long, we lived apart from society, with no family and repressed emotions. Now, we need to relearn how to be part of something larger than ourselves besides the Force, not to abandon it as our primary guide, nor to ignore our role as servants of the Force, but to take back up our roles as members of galactic society: a family without end.

The Jedi will be allowed attachments, but there will be dangers in love, but those dangers come from the desire to control. Fear, envy, control and coercion, these sometimes are companions of love are paths to dark side. But they are not truly love – love can only make us stronger.

The Jedi will be more like people. They will not fear emotion or passion, but see it as a path to serenity rather than a road to ruin. After all, one can be passionate without being controlled by their passions – emotional without being reckless. It will be a tough road to hoe, so to speak, and there are many hard, hard choices to be made along that road.”
                                   - Jedi Master Delian Serti.


Jedi Initiate (or Younglings) – is a Force sensitive child. As a very young age, children were removed from their families and assigned to the Jedi Temple of Training. Younglings

Jedi Padawan – an apprentice who began serious tutelage under a single Jedi Knight or Jedi Master.

Jedi Knight – as disciplined Padawan could become a fully trained Jedi once they completed the Jedi Trials.

Jedi Master – a Jedi Knight who showed great understanding of the Force and managed to instruct a Padawan and train them successfully to the level of a Jedi Knight. This title could be achieved through the performance of extraordinary deeds and it is nominated by the Jedi Council and if not the Council is unavailable or no longer exists it is nominated by the Jedi Grand Master.

Jedi Grand Master – This title was given to the acknowledge leader of the entire order. Yoda held this title in the final years of the Republic. After the defeat of the Empire at Endor and the rebirth of the Jedi, Tra Saa held the title.


Jedi Consular - The Jedi Consular uses the Force for knowledge and negotiation, seeking the most peaceful solutions to every problem. As Force users trained in the Jedi traditions, Jedi Consulars concentrate more on diplomacy, scholarly pursuits, and the spiritual side of the Force than on more physical activities. Jedi Consulars train themselves to be versatile, able to handle many situations without reaching for a weapon.

Jedi Guardian - Force users trained in the Jedi tradition, Jedi Guardians combine physical training with mastery of the Force. Jedi Guardians concentrate on battle prowess, defence, lightsaber training, and physical activities. If Jedi Consulars are ambassadors of the Jedi Order, Jedi Guardians are the defenders, protected the Old Republic and protects the Jedi Order from all dangers. They are the most numerous class in the Jedi ranks.

Jedi Healer - The ability to channel the Force into healing energy is one of the rarest and most precious of all Jedi powers. Jedi Healers are experts in the arts and sciences  of medicine. As peaceful scholars, they spend most of their time tending to patients and meditating on how the Force connects all living things. Jedi Healers are less likely to be tempted to the dark side, because the path of anger and hatred cannot enhance their natural talents. Many of the greatest philosophers and teachers in the history of the Jedi Order were healers who sought to share their insights regarding to peace of mind and body. Apprentices who show a talent for healing arts are carefully tutored towards becoming healers so their rare gift does not go to waste. Jedi Healers are far from passive. Many are more than willing to take up arms to prevent the suffering created by tyrants and villains, putting an end to the cause rather than simply treating the symptoms. Jedi Healers often seek out battlefields, travel to plague-ridden worlds, and place themselves in perilous situations where their healing talents can do most good. Travelling Jedi Healers are often accompanied by other Jedi, or at least encouraged to travel with a well-armed and trustworthy-group.

Jedi Instructor - Although nearly all Jedi Masters take on students at some point, some Jedi are strongly drawn to the life of an instructor. These Jedi are particularly adept at spotting likely Jedi candidates, keeping their students from the dark side, and directing their studies. Through the instruction of other, the Jedi Instructor extends his own learning and understanding of the Force. Jedi Instructors often spend time in academies teaching the youngest Jedi Students. Other seek out students in the fringe regions of space, where potential Jedi recruits might be overlooked. In some cases, Jedi Instructors take younger Jedi or even Jedi Knights along with them on prolonged tours of the Galaxy. This form of advanced education allows students to apply their lessons to real-world problems. Jedi Instructors were actually common early in the Old Republic's history. Jedi sought out instructors as trusted advisors throughout the Old Republic's history.

Jedi Weapon Master - Although a Jedi's greatness does not derive from her combat ability, some threats to peace and justice can only be met with martial force. While all Jedi receive some training in combat, few make fighting the central focus of their union with the Force. These Jedi are weapon masters, adept of various styles of melee combat. The best Jedi Weapon Masters choose their martial path early, dedicating years to perfecting one form of combat. Such Jedi are not especially violent and angry, for all Jedi know that such attitudes lead to the path of the dark side. Instead, they simply found that they are closest to the Force when practicing and perfecting a particular style of combat.

Jedi Wanderer - The Jedi Order, as an organization, functions largely due to the common bond of Force sensitivity shared by all Jedi Knights. Though the Force guides each Jedi, on procedural level the Jedi Council governs many of the decisions that a Jedi would normally make by directing the members of the Order as it sees fit. A Jedi performs a mission, returns for further orders, and is assigned a new mission. Alternatively, some Jedi may be assigned to a given planet or sector to preserve the peace and search for Force-sensitive candidates for Jedi training. The Jedi Wanderer throws both of these concepts out the escape hatch and is a loner among their own kind. The Jedi Wanderer is a drifter, travelling from system to system upholding the Jedi Code as she or he sees fit. He or she doesn't feel constrained by the rules and regulations most Jedi follow by the Council's suggestion. Rather, a Jedi Wanderer takes the Code for what it is and applies it to her or his every action and every decision. Sometimes that means making rather unorthodox actions to achieve an important goal. Many of the Jedi Wanderer fellow Jedi Knights call them a masterless Jedi, but they are wrong: a Jedi Wanderer is his own Master.

Jedi Scholar - Some Jedi they are closest to understanding the Force when they study other subjects. Even Jedi Scholars delve into many fields of study, letting the Force guide them to their specialities. By devoting themselves to thoroughly comprehending even a few topics, Jedi Scholars hope to increase their understanding of the galaxy as a whole. During the height of the Old Republic, such Jedi gathered in large numbers to discuss their most recent findings and theories. Jedi Scholars were an important part of the Jedi Council, constantly adding to the vast body of lore the Council could call on to make difficult decisions. Scholars travelled to the fringes of civilized space to seek out lost fragments of text or to study newly discovered systems.

Jedi Investigator - The Jedi, being keepers of peace, often find themselves in stressful situations in which they need to conduct investigations, often having to abandon the more diplomatic ways to gain answers. Often do these answers come from unofficial findings that are reported back to the Council in secrecy so they can deliberate on the best course of action. It is on these situations that the Jedi Council rely upon the Jedi Investigator. Normally, a Jedi Investigator works alone, although they can pair up at times. He or she is specialized in concealing themselves and getting into places unnoticed as to obtain the information that is required. A Jedi Investigator is aware of the dangers of the work they conduct and so they tend to practice more in specialized areas that will help them more, meaning they only tend to practice lightsaber skills and using the Force to enhance their physical skills, much like Jedi Guardians do. A particular trait that a Jedi Investigator also finds useful is concealing their presence.

Jedi Ace - A Jedi who had specialized in starfighter combat, combining piloting skills with mastery of the Force.

Jedi Historian – It is a Jedi specialized in chronicling the history of the Galaxy and the Jedi Order, the Jedi Historian knew virtually everything about the past of the Jedi Order.

Jedi Seer - Power of vision of the Force. These Jedi are trained to predict the future and most of them use it it many areas, especially combined with historian abilities or are very handy in lightsaber duel or in a battle.

Jedi Arcanion - The Jedi Order, upon several millenniums of research and investigation of Ancient ruins, found a place that they called the Arcanum. The power found within was more imaginable than anyone had ever expected. Those Jedi reported back to the Council, and Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda saw the place, realising that such a place could have serious repercussions to the Galaxy, should it fall to the wrong hands. In spite of such a discovery, Master Yoda formed new Jedi Class which was named Jedi Arcanion. The job of this particular class was to maintain the Arcanum a secret and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. But the Jedi Council always denied the existence of such a class, to best cover the very existence of the Arcanum. Alas, there is a downside of being a Jedi Arcanion. A Jedi who becomes an Arcanion must have no turning back and never seize his work, thus making the only way out through death. Also, a Jedi Arcanion has no personal life that the Jedi Masters of the Council do not know about, so as to prevent any Jedi Arcanion from falling to the Dark Side of the Force. A Jedi Arcanion is a class that was formed almost in the last years of the Clone Wars. Though when the Jedi purge commence, the surviving Jedi Arcanions remain on Gallor so that their class and what remained of the Jedi would survive. Master Yoda once stated: "Ready for the Arcanum the Galaxy is not. Disastrous would repercussions be!"