The following rules are not to restrict players, but they more as guidelines in how to play in Star Wars Chronicles to ensure that the game can be fair for all.

1 – Star Wars consists in the six movies.

2 – The Expanded Universe (aka EU, which includes games, books, comics and others) is a mere fantasy. This game is set in Alternative Universe, where none of EU exists. No clone Emperor, no Sith Tribes in hiding, no impending attack from Yuzhang Vong, no cartosis or flowwalk. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is meant to happen.

3 – The Force is powerful, but it is not magic, and it is not the Matrix.

4 – There is a Dark Side of the Force. Force Lightning is a Dark Side only power, no matter how cool it is. This goes as well for other Dark Side abilities.

5 – Stormtroopers, Battle Droids, Clone Troopers and generic bad guys, can hit you. Really!

6 – Let the GM know if you be gone for an extended period, so the appropriate measures can be made. If someone vanishes or holds up the game for too long we will take control of the character to keep things moving.

7 – Godmodding and Meta-gaming are not allowed.

8 – The final rule and the most important one. Have FUN! Seriously, I meant it, have FUN!