The single most important aspect of the game is posting. A post is an e-mail containing a description of a character’s (case of Solo Post – character or characters controlled by one player) or a group of characters’ (case of Joint Post – characters controlled by two or more players) actions. Therefore, posts are what make the game go. Each post takes place of context of the Episode, which is a storyline that the game is generally following, but there few cases the players are free to explore their own storylines, if they so wish. Episodes are roughly analogous to a Star Wars movie.

Generally it centers the action of one storyline, with multiple small and individual storylines that are indirectly or directly connected to main storyline, that the players kept the story going via of series of interconnected posts. This continue until the goal or series of goals of the Episode is reached, these goals are usually known to the GM or GM and AGM (Assistant Game Manager) initially and revealed to the players gradually as they reach them via their posts.

You must have a certain standard knowledge of English that must be upheld, but as long as you at least can speak and write English fluently, you’re fine.

When sending out your posts, make certain your email program is configured to send in “Plain Text”.

Member Posting
The following is fairly comprehensive. It is sample post by which we want for you to write your posts. Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about perfection right off. It is simple for you to be acquainted the way we write our posts, it takes a bit of time to get use to. I promise you, that it will become second nature to you in no time. ;)

If you’re going to be overwhelmed by reading it, don’t worry. Like I said, it is pretty much simple stuff, so no use in sweating now!

Usage Tags
Because posts are sent in plain text formatting, there is no way to emphasize text. So, in those instances when you would like to emphasized in some way use Tags, as following:

“Normal Speaking”
-Example: “You should have known by now! Didn’t Master Yoda tell you?”

~Personal Thoughts~
-Example: ~Why do I feel a node on my stomach when I’m around her?~

*Emphasize a word*
-Exemple: “The Emperor's coming *here*?

*** - The three * together symbolizes the jump in time in term of hours or the scene is taking place.

While writing the post, should be in the third person. Meaning, you are describing actions as if you are watching, in past tense and not as if you are doing them at the time. The following three sentences show you the difference.

Correct Version - Auron took his blaster from his holster and aimed towards his enemy. “Where is she?” I won’t ask again!”

Incorrect Version – Auron takes his blaster from his holster and aims towards his enemy. “Where is she? I won’t ask again!”


Incorrect Version - I took my blaster from my holster and aimed towards my enemy. "Where is she? I won't ask again!"

Length of the Posts

Minimum - 5 paragraphs of substance. Please don't abuse this minimum. Make your posts count.

Maximum - There is no maximum, if you want to write a novel you can. (If the post begins to become to get astronomical proportions we advise you to split your post in two, three or the times you want. This is simply to prevent it from becoming a struggle for other players to read.)


Note: Do not sent Mails or post messages over then 1 Megabyte, since it is the restriction implemented by the Yahoo groups.


Spelling & Grammar

We do expect our players to make mistakes. No one is perfect. That is why we ask you to always double check your posts and Character's Bios. Constant bad spelling and grammar will not be accepted. We want our posts to be easy to read, not a struggle.



Yes, you must use paragraphs with blank space between each paragraph. If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, just look at the example post at the end of this chapter under Post Example.



At the top of each post should have the following heading:



By (Character's Names)






"Hunter Hunted"

by Aurra Sing

Quinlan Vos

and Aayla Secura


Location: Nar Shaddaa

Date: Gaea 1, 18 AAC


Joint Posts

Joint posts are posts that are contributed by two or more players. They generally contain interaction between the two (or more) characters to a degree of depth that would not be acceptable in solo posts (ex: in a solo post, you write alone without interaction of any other player besides yourself). They are done written OFF-list either via email, in a messenger program or any place you want to do it. A joint post is created by each player taking turns to contribute a paragraph (or several) to the post, then 'tagging'  the next person to respond. When the post is finished with the consent of every player who is working on the Joint Post, then you can put on the list.


Post Example

"Training Exercise"
by Anakin Skywalker
Luke Skywalker

Obi Wan Kenobi
Master Yoda
and Mara Jade


Location: Jedi Temple, Gallor
Date: Gaea 1, 18 ABY




Mara backed up and the lightsabers hit, creating a strong light. The sound of the two sabers was strong to Mara Jade's ears, but that made her move her purple saber to the side, making a few continuous attacks against her adversary. She maintained her stand and concentration together, trying to find a way to get her opponent to lose his stand. The lightsabers hit again and again, the light and sound slowly making her lose her focus. She began to back up as she parried the strong blows from her opponent.


In a matter of minutes, her opponent disarmed her, using the Force to push her. She had not expected such a thing and was thrown into mid air, falling to the ground. She released her lightsaber when she fell, and her opponent used the Force to pull it into his hands. Mara looked up, somewhat tired. “You are still good. Too good for me!”


With both lightsabers in hand, Luke smiled. He held both weapons on his left hand and extended his right to help Mara Jade get up. “Good has nothing to do with this victory. It simply I have more training in the Force than you… But I see that my father is training you well. You have become more in touch with the Force since our last duel.”


“Well, Master Skywalker has been pushing me as hard as I can be stretched, but I’m sometimes able to surprise him when I ask for even tougher training sessions.”


"And yet you must wonder where you were going... What you were doing..." Yoda said as he walked into the room. He had overheard the last few words between the two younglings, and was serious about what he said, though he still held a smile across his face. The two young Padawans were perhaps the future of the Jedi Order, and most certainly promising. "Distracted you were by the crackling of the lightsaber... Afraid of it, are you?" he asked Mara Jade.


“Well, Master Yoda. I am not afraid of it. But it distracts me… I mean, I can’t concentrate with the light and crackling sound,” Mara Jade said, trying to explain to Master Yoda why she couldn’t concentrate on the fight.


"Concentrate you must... And do not try. Do, or do not... There is no try," Yoda replied.


"It is not hard," Obi Wan stated as he walked inside the room, taking his place beside Master Yoda. He gave the old wise master a bow and then turned to face Luke and Mara Jade once more. "Your precision with a lightsaber and the tecnique does require much finesse and hard training. I'm sure that in time you will find it easier to handle. Just don't lose focus."


"Yes, yes..." Yoda nodded. "To Obi-Wan you must hear. Hard the path of a Jedi is."


“Well, it seems that there is a meeting here,” Anakin said with smile on his face. He approached Obi-wan whom he hadn’t seen for several years. “It is good to see you again, Master! I hope that my Padawan isn’t giving as much trouble as I gave you.”


"It is good to see you Anakin. I hope you haven't gotten yourself into too many trouble, like that time that we fell into that nest of gundarks..." Obi-Wan smiled. He then saw Anakin's mocking face and waved a finger. "Ahh, yes, I fell into that nest and you went in to rescue me," he laughed. "Mara Jade is a promising student, although with much to learn still."


"Much to learn, we all still have..." Yoda pointed out. "When stop learning we do, then cease to exist as individuals and as part of life we will."


Mara looked at her master and back at Master Yoda. “My master is always saying that I will see from where he has learned to wield a lightsaber.”


Anakin made a large smile. “All that are here present have learned from master Yoda at some point, and you will also have a short time with his teachings, in order to perfect your techniques...” And thus was true. Master Yoda was the eldest Jedi in the council and the one who had spent more time training younglings in the ways of the Force. And though small as he was, he was both powerful and wise, and most padawans came to learn that being part of his teachings was a very good thing.


Yoda almost smiled. Instead he reathed deep and nodded, his hands resting atop his cane. "More than a weapon, a lightsaber is... A Jedi weapon, represent us it does."


"Not as clumsy or random as a blaster," Obi-Wan continued. "A more civilized weapon for a more civilized age."


"Learn you will. Focus, feel, concentrate..." Yoda nodded at Mara Jade. "Adventure...Battle...A Jedi does not crave these things."