Far in the Outer Rim, the sands of Tatooine bake beneath the glare of two bright suns. Small pockets of barely civilized communities dot the desolate landscape, surrounded by the endless expanse of barren dunes and rocky canyons that silently slain so many of those who venture out in the desert. Among the small shantytowns and settlements that persist, where travelers may find shelter from the brutal climate, but trust is as rare as water on this lawless world. Visitors and locals alike must constantly watch their backs in Tatooine’s townships.

For centuries, Tatooine was of little interest to the rest of the Galaxy – until the Czerka Corporation showed up five hundred years ago, seeking to exploit the natural resources they believed were beneath Tatooine’s surface. Czerka’s efforts to mine Tatooine ended in failure, but the planet’s hostile environment proved to be the perfect place for Czerka’s Secret Weapons division. Able to operate with no restrictions, Czerka brought alien technologies and experiments too horrible or dangerous to be allowed on any other system in the galaxy. While the full scope of how far Czerka went with their research remains unknown, it’s clear that suddenly, and without warning, Czerka completely pulled out of Tatooine, leaving their Secret Weapons complex to be swallowed by the sands.

The former Czerka outpost of Anchorhead has now become a lawless haven for smugglers, pirates and anyone else who wants to drop off the radar. When was found the potential of Tatooine of production and commercialization of spice, death sticks and other narcotics, the Hutts expanded their dominance to Tatooine.

In the decline years of the Republic, Jabba Desilijic Tiure, also known as Jabba, the Hutt, a gangster who established his criminal empire on Tatooine, became the predominant Hutt in Tatooine. However his dominance didn’t last long, when the Empire replaced the Old Republic, it took over Tatooine, Jabba and his criminal empire remained, but it wasn’t a glimpse to what it was before the Empire. When Jabba, the Hutt died his criminal empire began to be dispute by several people and the Empire had difficulty to keep the peace especially after Emperor Palpatine’s death. Ever since, the Empire has still control of Tatooine, but the violence and lawless that Tatooine was known by, still exists and perhaps grew even more.


Mos Eisley
A spaceport city, this Tatooine landmark attracts interstellar commerce and serves as a rest stop for all sorts of spacers. Glorified landing pits, called “docking bays” by the locals, crater the city, providing plenty of facilities for small to mid-sized ships and transports to park. Each docking bay features a refueling and energizing station, tools to rent (if you don’t have your own), and some storage space for cargo. The pit walls provide some protection from the elements (sandstorms, primarily), and many bays have locking doors to keep out unwanted visitors. Of course, the more services the bay provides, the more it costs to dock your ship there.
Mos Espa
It is a spaceport city, but expansive one that rested near the Dune Sea. Mos Espa consisted of the dome-roofed, adobe buildings found in cities across Tatooine, and was said to appear as a great, twisting snake, hunkered down to escape the heat. Most residents were either involved in crime business with the Hutts (criminal organizations) or were poor shopkeepers and moisture farmers trying to eke out a living in the inhospitable desert.
Important location in Mos Espa:
- Mos Espa Podracing Arena -
The other major activity in Mos Espa was gambling on the podraces and swoop races held in the nearby Mos Espa Podracing Arena. Located outside of Mos Espa, that annually hosts at was once the largest annual podrace in the galaxy, the Boonta Eve Classic, loosing its grand stature to the annual event in the Podracing Ralius Arena, in Gallor, who was heavily supported by Emperor Palpatine and continue to be supported with Emperor Eskron.
Tosch Station
Tosch Station was a small power and distribution station located in the Great Chott Salt Flat. It stocked useful supplies for all the local moisture farms, such as power converters. The station also provided services such as vehicle repairs and equipment recharging. It was where the youth of those farms like Luke Skaywalker, Biggs Darklighter and Eowyn Pendragon and their friends spent much of their free time.
Jundland Wastes
The Jundland Wastes were a dry, hot and rocky region that was located on the desert world of Tatooine. This remote area largely consisted of a number of canyons the wound their was around a number of large mesas and was situated near the Dune Sea. The nomadic Tusken Raiders and the Jundland Waste Womp Rat inhabited the area and in the native parlance, “Jundland” meant “No Man’s Land”. Several layers of rocks within the Wastes were tilted indicating graben formations. They also contained magnetic deposits which obscured sensors.
Important location in Jundland Wastes
- Beggar’s Canyon -
Beggar’s Canyon was a massive canyon located in Jundland Wastes, formed by a junction of three rivers millennia ago when the planet had water and vegetation. It was home to the ferocious canyon Krayt Dragon, as well as the somewhat less dangerous womp rat.
The Stone Needle, otherwise known as the Eye of the Needle, was a rock formation in Beggar’s Canyon on Tatooine. The formation was a tall stone tower with a “loop” rock on top of it situated in the middle of a ditch. The loop, lined with hagged rock teeth, was just large enough to allow a smallship to pass through. It was here that different accidents, Biggs Darklighter, almost destroyed the Stone Needle on a number of occasions and Eowyn Pendragon hit it during a race that made crash land, surviving the crash due to her piloting skills.
- Alexandria -
Alexandria is the main and major village of the Sadukar. It can also be called their capital, where the Sadukar Council has their meetings. It is biggest and only city where most powerful Sadukar that ever existed. Alexandria is situated in the Judland Wastes. It is highly fortified due to its defensive location and it is said to be unconquerable. Perhaps that is the main reason why it is the main Sadukar village, where in times of crisis and survival the Sadukar of different villages find refuge, because neither the Empire nor the Hutts were able to successfully reach this village. Sadukar and Tusken Raiders have blood hate between the two, to the point if they simply cross paths, it is highly likely that there will be, blood spilled. The Sadukar also have profound love for the sport Brutball, which is the main attraction of every night in Alexandria.
Dune Sea
The Dune Sea was a vast, sandy desert that stretched across the surface of Tatooine. This large area was once the bed of an inland sea. Extreme temperatures and lack of water made the area inhospitable to most life forms. A Human could dehydrate after about thirty minutes from overexposure.
Important locations in Dune Sea
- Rainus -
This is a desert village located right on the center of the desert. It is where one can find the poorest on Tatooine. These people fight for their lives to survive in this piece of desert. This is also where the Hutts have their headquarters for their spice operation. Many of the jobs given to the people who live here involves that operation, but the salaries are extremely low, which is why most people say that it resembles slavery.
- Jabba’s Palace -
Jabba’s Palace, is made of stone and metal, was located at the fringe of the west part of the Dune Sea. This was Jabba’s personal palace and where he controlled his criminal empire. Once Jabba had died, several people fought for control of his criminal empire and thus Jabba’s Palace which that name remained in honor of Hutt crimelord, had different owners who had most of them had weird, mysterious and horrible deaths, making it considered to be haunted.
- Great Pit of Carkoon -
The Great Pit of Carkoon, located within the Dune Sea, was a large depression in the sand which was the home of the rapacious, if slow-eating, sarlacc. Its proximity to Jabba’s Palace, paired with the torturous death provided by the sarlacc, made it an ideal spot for executions to be carried out.