Klain is a devastated planet. During the Clone Wars a major battle between Confederacy and the Old Republic fleets took place in its orbit. One of the Old Republic capital ships was incapacitated and collided on the planet’s surface, causing a major cataclysm that ended life on the surface. This event made Klain an easy target for treasure hunters and explorers. Scientists studied the catastrophe, so they could find an explanation to what happened, since many believe that the Capital ship in question was too small to cause such destruction. But such is still an unanswered mystery.

When the Empire was formed, it used this planet as a prison facility. The prison is located underground, since the atmosphere on the surface is unbreathable, which in turn make this the ideal prison, since escapees would die, suffocated. This prison planet quickly gained reputation for its cruelty and is one of the most secure and worst prisons in the galaxy. Due to its reputation, it was quickly used as propaganda to keep law and order in the rest of the galaxy.