Kamino is a stormy world long and far removed from galactic affairs (and for that matter, public record), unknown to the vast majority of Republic citizenry. A remote world even by Outer Rim standards, Kamino has unforgiving weather and covered by one massive, churning ocean.

The isolation is furthered by the removal of all Kamino records from various astronavigation databases, the Jedi’s files among them. The Kaminoans inhabit hermetically sealed, domed cities that stand atop massive stilts and anchor columns driven deep into the seabed.

These cities are a combination of Kaminoan ingenuity and some of the best off-world architecture available and afford the amphibious Kaminoans a comfortable life even in such a now-hostile environment. The cities vary in size, layout, and specifics, but all featured sloped dome roofs that shed the almost constant rains. Lightning rods harness and divert the energies of the ferocious storms that continually lash the Kamino skies.

However with discovery of the Clone Army and beginning of Clone Wars, Kamino quickly became an asset for the Republic. However the end of the Clone Wars resulted not only the near destruction of the Jedi Order, but also the rise of the Galactic Empire in the place of the fallen Republic. The Empire sought to secure the vital cloning facilities that were responsible for providing the Empire with the clones that helped to secure Emperor Palpatine’s rise to ultimate power, Imperial control was firmly established upon Kamino through force of arms. In response to the Imperial presence on their world, the resentful Kaminoans launched a rebellion against the Empire by using clone programing against the Empire.

After the Kaminoan’s Clone Revolt against the Imperial occupation of Kamino was crushed by the Imperial forces, Emperor Palpatine outlawed all cloning processes, with the penalty of death. It was from that point on, that the Empire began to rely on enlisted stormtroopers. The Empire transformed Tipoca City into an Imperial Academy.


Tipoca City

Home to Kamino’s largest and most prestigious cloning (before the Empire), and training facilities, Tipoca City is the world’s capital and its hub for production of off world orders, however after cloning was outlawed by the Empire it is now home of Kamino Imperial Academy. The city consists of a network of stilt structures that spans more than a hundred kilometers along Kamino’s western equator and is considered by most to be the heart of Kaminoan society. The few Kaminoans who occupy Tipoca at any given time worked either in maintain facilities of Imperial Academy or with bureaucracy.

This Academy is the best of galaxy, due to unique variant atmosphere battle simulator (typically referred to as VABS). These simulated battlefields are artificial landscapes that span kilometer wide rooms located in Tipoca City-domes. VABS can simulate anything from snowblown mountain ranges to scorching desert plateaus and even volcanic badlands. The advanced atmospheric systems can replicate virtually any climate and weather condition, and repulsorlifted floor plates can be shifted to produce a variety of topographical and geological features. These features provide by the Kaminoans with a bevy of environmental options in which to conduct realistic simulations.

Derem City Ruins

In centuries before the Kamino ice caps melted and the world was transformed into a raging sea with few minor islands, Derem City was the most prominent metropolis. The majority of the former capital is now under more than three kilometers of water, but small part is above water with signs of been long abandoned in the largest archipelagoes that still is above water, making it the only most accessible “old cities”. In its heyday, Derem City was an excellent example of Kaminoan urban planning, a city that combined the centuries of development with a well-conceived and well-executed centralized designs.

The ruins are occasionally visited by Kaminoans pilgrims. These pilgrimages are somewhat contradictory to the otherwise “sensible” disposition of most Kaminoans, but some take the pilgrimages very seriously, as though this ruins offer them some solace and remind them of a different – perhaps better? – existence, one where they were allowed to follow a chosen path instead of being bred for a specific purpose.