Positions (this is where we state what are we accepting or not)


We are currently accepting all kinds of characters!


For the exception of:

- Sith Master

- Sith

- Jedi Grand Master

- Jedi Master

- Jedi Knight

- Jedi Arcanions

- Emperor's Hand


Openings (this is what we are looking for)


Canon Characters (for the exception the Characters mentioned in the Characters page!)

Politicians (Rebel Alliance, Empire & Imperial Remnant)

Fleet Officers (Rebel Alliance, Empire & Imperial Remnant)

Squadron Leaders (Rebel Alliance, Empire & Imperial Remnants)

Commando Units (Rebel Alliance, Empire & Imperial Remnants)

Hutts & Other Criminal Organisations

Jedi Padawans (These characters are only available for players that have been in the game for more then two months)




Welcome to the application page. Please read the following:


Character's Requirement Checklist


- All characters must be ORIGINAL.

- Characters (PC or SC) must not have any sort of connection with Canon Characters.

- The character has to have at least one picture (NO Drawings please. We only accept drawings based in Star Wars, see FAQ for further info)

- The character must have a decent sized bio (compare it with those on the characters page)

- Your character can't do everything!


Please only apply if you seriously want to join and are willing to contribute actively to the game, and after you've read the RULES.


How to write a bio? Please use this link to aid you creating your bio!


Finished reading? Then move to the Application Form:

Application Form


Note: Forms that are incomplete will be ignored. Also PLEASE keep a copy of the Bio you are submitting! That will help a lot.