Name - The name of your character.


Type - Type we mean of it is Playing Character (PC), Supporting Character (SC) or Canon Character (CC).


Affiliation - This is the loyalty of your characters. Ex: Rebel Alliance, Empire, Gallor, Neutral & ETC.


Occupation - What does your character do for a living?


Force Occupation (Only on Especial Form) - What does your Force Sensitive character do for a living?


Age - The age of your character.


Gender - Is your character female or male?


Height - How tall is your character?


Weight - How much does you character weight?


Hair Colour - The colour of your character's hair.


Eye Colour - The colour of your character's eyes.


Marital Status - Is your character married, single, engage or something else?


Species - What is the species of your character? Ex: Human, Twi'lek & Etc.


Place of Birth - The location where your character was born.


Family - Does your character have any living relatives?


Physical Description - Describe what your character face and body look like.


Form of Dress - Describe what your character usually like to wear on day to day basis.


Background - Here you will tell the tail of your character. Basically it is where you will tell the entire history of your character so far.


Personality - Describe how does your character act before other people.


Vehicle of Choice - The vehicle (ships, speeders & others) that your character owns or like to pilot.


Skills & Talents - Describe what your character skills that you character do best or what your character have great potential in.


Force Skills & Talents (Only Especial Form) - Describe what is your Force Sensitive character is able to do through the force. Also state what he/she does best without the aid of the force.


Personal Items - Describe what does your character usually use in day to day basis. Does he or she posses any kind of weapons or so?