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Rebel Alliance




Rebel Alliance

Political Information

Type of Government: Resistance Movement

Founding Document: Declaration of the Rebellion, Corellian Treaty and Alliance Charter

Head of State and Government: Chief of State

- Mon Mothma (2 BBY - ? (Currently occupying the position))

Commander-in-chief: Supreme Commander

- Jan Dodonna (circa 19 BBY 0 BBY/ABY)

            - Mon Mothma (Temporary position: 0 BBY/ABY 1 ABY)

- Ackbar (1 ABY - ? (Currently occupying the position))

Legislative Branch: Advisory Council


Societal Information

Capital: Naboo & The Keep

Official Language: Basic

Currency: Galactic Standard Credits


Historical Information

Formed From: Delegation of 2000

Date of Establishment: Formed between 19 BBY and 1 BBY

Date of Reorganization: 4 ABY


Description:The Rebel Alliance began as a union the scattered, ragtag groups of the Resistance, and exiled leaders and nobility of the senate. During the early years of the Empire, the Resistance had waged battles against the New Order, but lacked the galactic scope or unity to truly affect Palpatine's regime. Senators like Bail Organa of Alderaan, Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia, and Mon Mothma of Chandrila united the Resistance groups into the Alliance.


The process began with the so called "Cantham House Meetings." On Coruscant, Organa and Mothma discussed the future of the Republic. While Mothma advocated revolution, Organa was more of a realist. It was not until the Ghorman Massacre, where many peaceful protesters were killed by Plapatine's underlings, which Organa and Mothma agreed on a strategy and put their plans into motion. Organa's position on such committees as Finance, Appropriations and Intelligence Oversight allowed him to funnel supplies, money and information to the Fledgling Alliance.


The Alliance truly formed with the Corellian Treaty. The result of the Corellian System Meetings, three major Resistance groups agreed to ally with the Rebellion. They swore to fight either to the death, or to the end of the Empire. Mon Mothma was instated as supreme ruler of the Alliance, along with her Advisory Council. While it may have seemed she had dictatorial power over the Rebellion, it should be noted that every two years Alliance representatives had to vote on her continued role as leader. In all the years of Rebellion, she had never been challenged.


The Corellian Treaty outlined the command structure of the Alliance, and the roles of the Allies. While each member was free to govern themselves, and their territories, Mon Mothma and the Advisory Council was in command of supply, recruitment, training, inter-Ally communication, intelligence and all space operations.


The Rebel Alliance was made up of two main organizations - the Civil Government and the Military. The Civil Government handled supply, transport, taxation, diplomatic relations and so forth. Military of course controlled the Alliance fleet and ground forces. Both branches were governed by Mon Mothma, though she tended to concentrate more upon Civil duties, leaving control of the Military to those better suited to the work.


From the Corellian treaty, the Alliance grew and its first headquarters was in the remote Chrellis system. Since then, scores of Rebel bases were established through the galaxy, with the Alliance High Command base constantly on the move. During the course of the Galactic Civil War, it inhabited bases on Dantooine, Yavin 4, Thila, Golrath, Arbra as well as being posted with the fleet.


While history has recorded much activities of the core group of Rebels attached the Alliance High Command, the efforts of the many sector groups scattered throughout the galaxy should not go forgotten. These groups, the sector Forces, proceed with feint attacks, spreading the Emperor's forces thin, and giving the heart of the Alliance time to regroup and develop its final thrust against Palpatine.


With the death of the Emperor the alliance to restore the Republic began to cease to exist, but what was the division of the Empire, quickly became its unification under the leadership of Emperor Eskron. The Rebel Alliance would continue to rage war against the Empire to restore peace and prosperity to the galaxy.



Political Information

Type of Government: Authoriterian Empire

Founding Document: Decleration of a New Order

Head of State: Emperor

                        - Emperor Palpatine (19 BBY 4 ABY)

                        - Emperor Eskron (4 ABY - ? (Currently occupying the position))

Commander-in-chief: Supreme Moff of the Imperial Armies

                        - Darth Vader (Military Executor (19 BBY 4 ABY))

                        - Darth Morianna (4 ABY - ? (Currently occupying the position))

Legislative Branch:

                        - Imperial Senate (19 BBY 0 BBY/ABY)

                        - Diet of Imperial Planetary Governors (0 BBY/ABY - ?)


Societal Information

Capital: Gallor

Official Language: Basic

Currency: Galactic Standard Credits


Historical Information

Formed From: Old Republic

Date of Establishment: 19 BBY

Date of Reorganization: 4 ABY

Date of Fragmentation: 4 ABY


Description: The galaxy has known Empires in the past: systems and fiefdoms of space controlled by ambitious autocrats. All pale in comparison to the New Order that Palpatine built from the Republic's rotted foundations. During his ascent, some spoke of the remembered glories of empires past, of the Kitel Phard Dynasty that united the Atrisian system ages ago, or of Empress Teta's unification of the Koros system. These wistful recollections never foretold the despotic turn the Empire took.


Palpatine disbanded the senate during the Galactic Civil Warm citing the Rebellion as an emergency situation that required direct intervention. He formally handed over power to regional governors and sector Moffs  roles these power hungry officials had already been enjoying for years under the rule.


To ensure control over the populace, the Empire dismantled the galaxy-spanning HoloNet. With this public forum of information exchange now in the hands of the military, the Emperor was able to funnel the immense taxation revenue required to keep the HoloNet active into building his war machine. Furthermore, Imperial control of free information ensured that only the New Order agenda propagated throughout the galaxy and dissenting voices were all but silenced.


Immense corporations aided and abetted the Empire's rise, in exchange for unprecedented freedom of operation. Many of these companies were nationalized Imperialized in the process, resulting in a huge influx of capital resources for the Empire.


The result of the military build up, soon become apparent, as the first Imperial-class Star Destroyers lumbered out of the Kuat Drive Yards. This was just the start, as new and more potent weapons of war and subjugation were developed by the Emperor's cronies. Upon suggestion of Grand Moff Tarkin, a ruthless governor, the Empire adopted its "doctrine of fear." Rather than expand the resources required to subjugate every planet in the Galaxy, the Empire would instead make visible its power in one potent display that could be targeted towards any treasonous world. Fear would keep the systems in line, posited Tarkin. The outcome of his vision was a terrifying era of superweapon development, the first of which was the Death Star project. Legacies of this mindset included such weapons of war as the Tarkin and the second Death Star.


The Empire's structure was a bewildering array of crossed authorities, all ultimately answerable, while his underlings carefully watched their worlds and actions, the Imperial advisors and COMPNOR (the Coalition for the Preservation of the New Order) effectively controlled the massive Imperial Bureaucracy. The Imperial Moffs and Grand Moffs wielded authority over their sectors and regions, including control of the military in their various areas of influence. The local systems governors reported directly to their Moffs, and had control of all Imperial forces garrisoned within their system. Imperial Intelligence reported directly to the Emperor, as well as to specific sector Moffs.


The Emperor had devised his perfect vision of government with himself as Supreme Ruler of the galaxy. However, he also designed a system that could not function effectively without him. Through the Force, his dark will drove the Imperial Starfleet, unifying it in combat, and through his political machinations, he created a system that left no obvious heir to the Empire. As a result, the Empire began splintered after Endor, breaking apart into smaller groups that warred amongst themselves in bids for power.


Time and again self-proclaimed Imperial leaders attempted to reign in the chaos, but a Grand Moff Eskron decided to arrange a meeting with all leaders of the Imperial Remnant factions. During the meeting he and one of his trusty personnel interrupted the meeting and murdered everyone in it. Eskron gave the opportunity of declaring being the New Emperor and reunited the remnant factions in to one Empire.