Seth Terrek A.K.A. TX-1138



Name: Seth Terrek a.k.a. TX-1138

Type: PC

Affiliation: Empire

Occupation: Stormtrooper Colonel

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Height: 1.83 m

Weight: 80 Kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Coruscant

Family: None


Physical Description: Seth Terrek is a rather handsome man, with short dark hair and deep brown eyes. He is very well built and stands at a medium height, though imposing respect to those around him.


Form of Dress: Seth usually wears his Stormtrooper armor, along with all the gear that accompanies it. When he is not, he wears the outfit of the Imperial military with the insignias that he has earned. If the occasion should arise, however, he also wears several different outfits to go somewhere undercover.


Background: Seth was born on Coruscant to impeccable law-abiding citizens of the Galactic Empire. His father was an Imperial Officer stationed on the Imperial Palace itself, while Sethís mother was a scholar in the University of Coruscant, meaning that Seth Terrek received a strict but very good education as he grew up.

Showing great promise in his studies, Seth was amongst the top fifth percentile, and was contacted by an Imperial recruiting agent. He chose to be drafted into the military life and was sent to Carida to enroll in the Imperial training center that was known to have the most important stormtrooper program.

However, tragedy fell upon Seth, as his parents had been on vacation when their Imperial transport was shot down by rebels, thus killing them. Seth vowed revenge and channelled all his hatred into his training, in order to one day avenge his family by destroying all that belong to the Rebel Alliance.

On Carida, he learned from the best and completed his stormtrooper basic training with Top Sharpshooter Honors, and won the Iron Fist Close Combat Competition. For his outstanding performance, he was sent to a special school: the Advanced Stromtrooper Designated Marksman Course where he perfected his skills even further and received training to become a Squad Leader.

Showing great skills as a soldier of the Empire, he was assigned into the 501st Legion, also known as ďVaderís FistĒ. He served on many battles across the Galaxy, and climbed up the ranks quickly. After obtaining two commendations - the Imperial Service Ribbon and Expert Marksman Badge - he received the Bronze Nova for the Assault on Yavin after the loss of the first Death Star, and the Imperial Star for Heroism after the Battle of Hoth.

He caught the eye of his superiors and was sent to Spec Ops training, where he attended Scout/Sniper School, Atmospheric Insertion School, Underwater Warfare School and Stormtrooper Airborne School. Joining the 501st once more, Seth Terrek served one year as a member of Lord Vaderís bodyguard unit, until the demise of Emperor Palpatine on Endor. Surviving the incident on Endor, he joined up with Imperial forces and decided to follow the new leadership of Emperor Eskron.

He currently serves as a Colonel in the Galactic Empire Stormtrooper Command and is a squad leader of one of the units of the 501st Stromtrooper Corps.


Personality: Seth is quite the scholar, even though his physical skills count more often in his line of work. He is fluent in some alien languages, like Huttese or Rodian, and an avid student of military tactics. He is known to be fearless as well as demanding as an officer, often making training drills within his squadron, but loyal to the end to those few that he trusts.


Vehicle of Choice: Although Seth usually does not fly any ships, he is more than capable of flying Imperial TIEs and almost any shuttle, as well as swoops, and even Imperial walkers.


Skills & Talents: An expert marksman, Seth is very skilled in weapons handling and is considered one of the top sharpshooters of the Empire. He is well versed in electronics and communication systems, and an accomplished linguist. Physically very fit, Seth has received training to undergo missions in almost any type of terrain and climate, as well as innumerous situations. He has seen quite a lot of action and is very experienced in the field. He is also a passionate student of military tactics.


Personal Items: Seth has his own personal DLT-20A blaster rifle, an E-11 blaster rifle, a SE-14R light repeating blaster and cylindrical thermal detonators. His stormtrooper armor includes a wrist comlink, a small battle holocam built into the helmet, a proper resonator built into his armor, and an external helmet light. His visor is also modified to include thermal vision, scope vision and night vision.


Contact: Seth Terrek