T'ra Saa



Name: T'ra Saa

Type: CC

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Force Occupation: Jedi Grand Master

Force Mastery: Jedi Master

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Height: 2.00m (when in humanoid form)

Weight: Varies, depending on form

Hair Colour: Brown Tendrils

Eye Colour: Yellow Green

Marital Status: Single

Species: Neti

Place of Birth: Myrkr

Family: None


Physical Description: As all Neti, Tíra Saa has the innate ability to alter her shape and size at will. She can vary her size anywhere from 2 to 9.5 meters tall. She can also alter her form to be roughly humanoid, quadruped or treelike. She has pale yellowish skin, and a tangle of vinelike hair.


Form of Dress: When in humanoid form, Tíra Saa wears the traditional Jedi robes that are of gray and brown color.


Background: Quite possibly one of the oldest living Jedi, Tíra Saa is an ancient being of the Neti species Ė a plant-based sentient life form that live for thousands and thousands of years. Like all Neti, Tíra Saa was born sensitive to the Force, but showed special skills as a youth that led her to train as a Jedi.

Tíra seldom spoke of her youth. Prior to the Stark Hyperspace war, she was appointed Jedi watchman of the sector of space including Kiffu and Kiffex, after her friend Tholme stepped down from that post to take Quinlan Vos as his Padawan. Years later, she assisted Quinlan Vos in defeating Volfe Karkkoís Anzati uprising on Kiffex.

She and Master Tholme were in love, but managed (in Tholmeís opinion) to avoid the selfishness, jealousy and attachment that so often came with love in a way that avoided the dark side. At the very least, Tíra was centuries older than Tholme, and they both accepted that Tíra would also outlive him.

Tíra was one of the oldest Jedi to fight in the Clone Wars, alongside with Masters Yoda and Fay. She fought on the Battle of Geonosis as part of Mace Winduís strike team, and later on Devaron. As a Senior General, she saved many lives on Null. She was seriously injured there and her lightsaber was stolen, but her old Padawan, Mace Windu, hunted down the perpetrators and returned her lightsaber to her.

Tíra was on Nar Shaddaa with Tholme and Khaleen Hentz in the final days of the Clone Wars, where they evaded Order 66. After Order 66 they fled Nar Shaddaa and hid on an unknown planet, and were not heard from again nor seen. However, with the death of Emperor Palpatine at Endor and the rumours of a young Jedi retaking the role of building the Jedi Academy and find promising pupils, Tíra Saa was curious enough and decided that it was time to return and help rebuild the order. She has chosen, however, not to reveal anything regarding her escape from Imperial hands or disclose where she hid.


Personality: Tíra Saa is a calm and thoughtful being. She never loses her temper or calm and always sees things in perspective rather than jump to conclusions. Known to often meditate on matters, she combines both her skills in the Force with long lived experience to grant her council on matters, though she is well known to sometimes speak in riddles or metaphors.


Vehicle of Choice: None in particular


Force Skills & Talents: Tíra Saa is a very powerful Jedi. She is knowledgeable in the ways of the Force and a very skilled lightsaber duelist, and also an accomplished healer and linguist.


Being a Neti, she has metamorphic capabilities, being able to change from a humanoid form to a squat and quadruped, or even a solid and treelike form. Being a plant based life form Tíra Saa has no need for food and greatly reduced need for water, as long as she has regular access to broad-spectrum light. Also, in its treelike form, she is capable of camouflaging herself almost perfectly when among trees and similar foliage.


Personal Items: Tíra Saa does not carry any personal items beyond her yellow bladed lightsaber.


Contact: T'ra Saa