Tanaris Del-Nara Swiftlight



Name: Tanaris Del-Nara Swiftlight

Type: PC

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Force Occupation: Jedi Guardian

Force Mastery: Jedi Knight

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 1.68

Weight: 55 Kg

Hair Colour: None

Eye Colour: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Species: Twi'lek

Place of Birth: Ryloth

Family: None


Physical Description: Tanaris Del-Nara is a red skinned female Twi'lek who stands at a medium height. She has two head tails, or lekku, that spawn from the back of her head which she lets hang loose. She is well built and quite feminine, and turns several eyes to herself due to her exoticness.


Form of Dress: Tanaris normally dresses in brown tone Jedi robes, with a cloak and knee high boots. However, she may sometimes prefer more sophisticated clothing that consist on tighter tops and pants, that allow her complete liberty of movement.


Background: Tanaris Del-Nara was born on Ryloth. Being a female, her destiny was set out to her almost at birth, since Twi'lek females are often bred only to become pampered princesses or sexual playthings. And since her parents were not rich or influential, her destiny was to become the latter. She was still very young when she was sold into slavery and sent away to become one of the exotic girls who served a Bothan crimelord who dealt mainly in information.


However, Tanaris never really reached her destiny, as the transport ship that carried her was ambushed by a pirate group. The pirates were able to take control over the transport and immediately transported Tanaris, as well as many other goods, into their own ship, hoping to sell her for a good bargain. Unluckily for them, the initial smugglers had sent out a distress signal that was picked up by the Empire. Not wanting neither smugglers nor pirates in their territory, they were quick in getting there and damaged the pirates main ship that now carried the young Twi'lek.


The pirates were, however, able to escape total destruction. However, they crash landed in the planet Yanibar in the Wild Regions. Once there, they managed to receive help in fixing their ship, but were sent away without the goods they had stolen, which included Tanaris.


Rescued from her fate to become a slave, she grew up amidst the order of the Zeison Sha. The elders from the order could feel that she was strong in the Force, and trained her into controlling her powers. Tanaris created a bond with one of the elders, who eventually became her main teacher, and was adopted by him, thus taking his surname, Swiftlight. From him she learned how to master the art of the discblade and how to use telekinesis to her own will, via control of the Force. However, she was always a bit of a problem child to the other elders because she did not agree and respect their rules, especially regarding outsiders.


But things weren't as simple as that, and Yanibar suffered some attempts of invasion from the Empire. It wasn't easy, but they were still able to drive the Imperial forces away time and again, despite their clear superiority in numbers and weapons. On one of those occasions, Tanaris' adopted father died. She continued to serve the order, despite her not agreeing with the way they conducted things most of the time, until one day she found herself able to leave the planet and see the galaxy. The Empire had fallen, and she felt that it was her chance to see what good could come from it.


After a year roaming the Galaxy she had learned of the existence of other Force traditions that used similar powers to those she had been trained in. Seeking to learn more, she eventually met with the Jedi on the planet of Naboo. There, she found a philosophy that she could identify herself with, and so she decided to learn from them and live under their code. Being a peacekeeper for the Jedi was much more appealing to her than a warrior in the Zeison Sha. She eventually became a Jedi Knight and now serves the Jedi Order.


Personality: Although Tanaris is till rather young in age, she is quite impressionable and shows great wisdom and sense of reason. She will often ponder her actions rather than letting her emotions take over. She is gentle to others but a fierce combatant in the battlefield, and not one to take lightly.


Vehicle of Choice: None


Force Skills & Talents: She is quite skilled in the Force and has mastered all of the natural traits of a Jedi Knight. However, she excels in using the Force to push and pull on things, and lifting objects to control them at her will. She is a skilled lightsaber duellist and a master with a Zeison Sha discblade.


Personal Items: She carries with herself a green bladed lightsaber and her Zeison Sha discblade.


Contact: Tanaris Del-Nara Swiftlight