Sera Adranis



Name: Sera Adranis

Type: PC

Affiliation: Jedi (Rebel Alliance)

Occupation: Redeemed Jedi Guardian with little Sith Knowledge

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6

Weight: 131 lbs

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Hazel

Marital Status: Single

Species: Corellian

Place of Birth: Kor Vella, Corellia

Family: Colonel Athan Adranis (Father, Deceased); Dr. Lia Adranis (Mother); Lt. Commander Jania Adranis (Sister)


Physical Description: Very petite but very capable in a fight. Her dexterity is very high and she is able to move quickly. She is not the strongest person one would ever meet. Sera is easy to look at and it lulls those that would consider her an easy target into a false sense of security. Sera is a master at concealing her emotions and rarely gives herself away.


Form of Dress: Her wardrobe varies according to her individual tastes but mostly she carries a elegant taste except when she goes into combat. She wears very rugged and practical clothing in combat but off the battlefield she has a wide variety of dress from different planets.


Background: Sera does not know much about her past, she woke up one day in a Imperial Laboratory and did not know how she ended up there. But according to her method of dress she suspected herself to have been an Imperial Intelligence Agent, and when she awoke the hidden Laboratory she was at was abandoned.

The only thing she knew was what the bases Computers told her, her name was Lt. Sera Adranis, agent of Imperial Intelligence and she lived on Corellia. She did not know anything more than that. She could remember skills and galactic events, just not how she fitted into the picture. She found a YT-2000 Freighter that had been modified into a formidable gunship in the Hanger and left the Laboratory.

Sera did not know where to start looking for answers about her past, but she began to search across the outer rim for those answers to find a galaxy that had changed. She became a Freelance Mercenary and started to take jobs for anyone that would hire her.

Mostly she stayed in the Outer Rim and the Y'toub system and took jobs for those not affiliated with the Empire. Sera had a dim view of both the Empire and the Rebellion and preferd not to get involved in politics, she had no idea who she was, and that lead her on a journey of self discovery. However she had no love for the Empire or the Rebellion but was still hesitant to make a enemy of them during her time as a bounty hunter.

That would not last however, after she undertook a mission to discover more of herself she would meet an element of her destiny. She meet a Sith named Darth Terius and after he had told her a well constructed lie, took her as his apprentice. Sera was opened to her force potential. Terius manipulated her into believing that it was the Rebellion that was responsible for the loss of her memories. She believed him, gave in to the hate within herself, and fell to the Dark Side.

Sera became an Agent of the Empire, and preformed several missions for Darth Terius. Notibly the failed Imperial Attack on Haroon Kal. She is even suspected to be responsible for the death of Bendak Kayle, the owner of a Rebel Alliance Shipbuilding Contractor on Annaj.

However, during the Battle of Haroon Kal, Sera and her sister Jania would meet again, but not on good terms. Jan had to face a sister that was corrupted by the Dark SIde of the Force. However the bonds of sisterhood began to reassert themselves in both of the two sisters.

Sera was then rescued by the Empire, but doubt began to grow within her heart. She asked her master for permission to confront and kill Jania however Darth Terius was more interested in the tool he had created than what her feelings were. She began to have visions of what really happened to her, and that shook her faith in the Empire. Finally she would face her sister again. By this time her faith in her master was so shaken that when she confronted her sister on Iridonia, she had to verify the truth before continuing the battle. She left Iridonia, suddenly, much to her master's dismay and proceeded to look for the truth. She gone back to the Laboratory and there she found the truth at last. That it was the Empire all along.

She turned her back on the Empire and flead, but Darth Terius hunted her relentlessly from planet to planet. Finally on Tatooine, she would run into her master and a Bounty Hunter named Boba Fett. She had almost accepted her death on Tatooine, but her destiny was not complete.

Sera survived, barely, and was healed by a Neti Jedi Grandmaster named T'ra Saa. She denounced the Dark Side of the Force and was redeemed. Her redemption was difficult, but the burden was made eaiser when she at last was reunited with her sister; Jania Adranis. She agreed to begin the path of redemption under the Jedi Masters.

Personality: Sera is a deep and compassionate woman, but at times she still struggles with the darkness that had corrupted her. Normally she can be more at tune with her compassion than most Jedi Padawans, and at times the sheer influence of her compassion and will to seek redemption is overwhelming. Also at times she seeks solitude and avoids crouds and the general public as much as possible. She also goes to great lengths to embrace the lifestyle of a traditionalist Jed, except for one condition. She still maintains her relationship with her family and sister, and she believes it the reason why she was redeemed. She believes in all her soul that anyone can be Redeemed, and that principal is her guiding force in life.


Vehicle of Choice: Modified Corellian YT-2000 Class Transport "Midnight Stromcrow"

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation

Type: Transport

Length: 29.4 meters

Weapons: 2 Quad Laser Cannons, 1 Forward Laser Cannon, 1 Forward Ion Cannon, 2 Concussion Missile Launchers

Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot, 2 Gunners

Hyperdrive: Yes

Skills & Talents: Sera is an exceptional pilot and very skilled at gun fighting, she is also very dextrous and is trained at hand-to-hand combat. She suspects it to be part of her former Imperial Training, although she never found where she was trained. She also is quite proficient in Dual-Lightsaber Combat and practices constantly.

Personal Items: Dual Lightsabers; Peace and Harmony, Jed Skirt Style Robes. She also has a co-pilot droid: BDR-7.


Contact: Sera Adranis