Rivoche Tarkin


Name: Rivoche Tarkin

Type: CC

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance

Occupation: Rebel Spy

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Height: 1.74 meters

Weight: 65 Kg

Hair Colour: Reddish Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Marital Status: Single

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Coruscant

Family: Father – Gideon Tarkin (dead), Mother – Akia Knox (dead), Uncle – Wilhuff Tarkin (dead) and Uncle – Christoffer Tarkin (alive)


Physical Description: Rivoche has a beautiful and athletic body, with reddish brown hair and blue eyes. She has a very athletic body, despite sometimes looking like she can’t defend herself, but she is very well trained elite stormtrooper.


Form of Dress: While maintaining the elegance of her social class, Belaya has also adjusted to clothing that allows ease of movement and occasion. She typically wears a Coruscant skintight outfit or dresses.


Background: Rivoche Tarkin was the daughter of Brigadier Gideon Tarkin, a New Order – Empire – Loyalist and accomplished military officer and mysterious woman that Gideon wed, but she died when Rivoche was only five years old. She spent much of her early life on Coruscant, living a life of privilege until her father was killed in the Erhynradd Mutiny in 5 BBY. Upon his death, she was offered a home in the estate of one of her uncles, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, on Eriadu. Resenting the fact that she had lost her father, she threw a series of spoiled tantrums until her uncle “relocated” a friendly servant girl and her family to the Klain Prison facility, on dead world of Klain, sending Rivoche a message that was all too clear about her behavior. It also taught her that the world around her was cruel and dangerous, and this was her first impetus to question her beliefs.

She was soon after that, sent to an exclusive preparatory academy on the planet Kamino, where she received most her military training as stormtrooper, where she quickly became among the elite of the academy. As time passed on academy, she increasingly questioned her uncles and the Empire’s policies and seeing the cruelty of the Empire around her, so she used her acid-tongued abilities to convince the head master of the academy, Commander Cody, to state in his reports that she was mediocre stormtrooper and had no interest in military life, because the reason for her to do this was that she didn’t want to serve the Empire. Despite her military activities, she continued attended the social functions expected of a young lady of her heritage and upbringing.

It was at one of such function that Rivoche met a dashing young Academy cadet by the name of Biggs Darklighter. Eventually cognizant of Darklighter’s “questionable ties”, Rivoche steeled herself and made the decision to pass Darklighter some sensitive information she was privy to regarding a pending Imperial strike against Duro insurgents. Her hunch about young Darklighter was proven right: The Imperial plans were foiled, thanks to her information, and so it was the young Tarkin passed the point of no return. For the fledging Rebel Alliance, it was blessing. Ecstatic about her success, she began actively spying for the Rebellion, and Darklighter put her in contact with the head Rebel Alliance intelligence, General Cracken.

Cracken decided to kept her identity secret even within his own ranks, since the rumors of the Empire building a new superweapon where far greater to be overlooked and Rivoche was the key to finding what was the weapon and where was being built. Rivoche knew that his uncle had several meetings with Raith Sienar and heard about discussion about a weapon, in Tarkin’s estate. So during a function, Rivoche was able to meet with Raith Sienar, after a while, Raith suffered an attempt on his life, where Rivoche showed her abilities in saving Raith’s life and eliminating all assassins.

Raith owe is life to Rivoche and he was amazed by her skills, upon convincing Raith not to tell anyone about her skill, he decided to hire her has his secret personal guard. In away to convince Rivoche’s uncles why she would work with Raith, Raith told them, that he saw in her great potential that needed to be polished. Of course her uncles where quite pleased that their niece would actually do something with her life. Protecting Raith Sienar, Rivoche learned many things about ships and technology in more detail. Here she also became aware of political maneuvers that happen behind the scenes where Lady Valles Santhe, who divided leadership Santhe\Sienar Technologies with Raith Sienar, tried to get total control of the enterprise for herself by eliminating Raith Sienar, but all attempts on Raith’s life failed due to Rivoche intervention.

However in 3 ABY, Rivoche failed to save Raith’s life and due to the brilliance of Lady Valles Santhe, where she tried to blame Raith’s death on Rivoche, but quick intervention of her uncle, Grand Admiral Christoffer Tarkin, made the charges on Rivoche to be dropped and thus the investigation about the assassination of Raith Sienar inconclusive. She return to Coruscant and return to her old life, hunted by the fail of protecting Raith Sienar and believed that Lady Valles Santhe was responsible for his death, but couldn’t risk investigate to prove this, because she needed to protect her identity as Rebel Spy.

Since that crucial Duro extraction and working with Raith Sienar, up until his death, Rivoche has proven herself one of the most invaluable spies, earning a place as a deep-cover agent for the Rebellion, with contacts throughout the Core Worlds. Because of her background, she gained access to information that most agents could never acquire, and her family name alone places her above most Imperial suspicions. The Alliance base on New Cylimba and its crew would likely have been crushed by the Imperial forces has she not provided the necessary intelligence to avoid the massacre.

Rivoche being a rebel spy, she had number of close calls, but never had that close to be revealed as rebel spy. The Tarkin family – Rivoche and her Uncle Christoffer - were invited by the Imperial Governor of Malastare for a party. Since her uncle couldn’t appear due to a mission he was carrying out, she went alone to the party which was the expansion of business of Lucian Alliance, where several high identities of the Empire were also present. During the party she was invited for a dance by a quite dashing man that she couldn’t refuse his charm and invitation. During the dance, he revealed that his name was Auron Ronso and told he was a Rebel and that the party was a trap to capture her. At first she didn’t belief him first, but being good judge of character, she decided to take chance and flee the scene with Auron.

They where able to flee from Imperial Forces of the Governor, as they stole a transport to leave the planet, but it was shoot down by Tie Fighters that went in pursuit of them. Auron and Rivoche were able to survive the crash in the middle of one of the deserts of Malastare. Despite this, they were able to flee from the crash by using the system of caves that the desert had and they eventually cross paths with group of Dug nomads, who told them that it didn’t existed any spaceport in the continent they where in, that they needed to get a boat in one settlement in the coast to go to nearest city who had one. Luckily the nomads where heading in that direction. In the several days that Rivoche and Auron travel with these Dug nomads and romance developed between the two.

However, the stromtroopers that were after them were able to track them down and attacked the nomads, and they took Rivoche as a prisoner. Auron couldn’t leave her behind. The old Dug of the nomad group told Auron that an Imperial complex exist not far from where they were. Auron was able to go to the complex, killed the Imperial Governor of Malastare and rescue Rivoche. Once safe and without any Imperial Forces after them, they rejoined the Dug nomads who took care of their wounds.

After they reached the settlement, Auron and Rivoche parted on different paths. While Rivoche identity was safe, since the people that knew she was Rebel Spy, where dead and all the data that prove her to be rebel spy was destroyed, she could return home. Auron wanted to buy a passage on the boat to take him to the nearest city with spaceport to pick up a transport off Malastare and find the Rebels to get himself back on duty as a fighter pilot. With a kiss of farewell, Rivoche gave Auron the information – he could re-join the Rebel Alliance.

She still had visible minor wounds of her little adventure when she returned home, her Uncle was waiting quite worried and told her he knew about her little adventure. Rivoche was uneasy that her Uncle had find out she was Rebel spy, but he told her that how awful must have been the experience being kidnap by the Governor of Malastare to force him to help prepare a coup against Emperor Eskron. This was quite clear that she had allies within the Empire, that send the word out that covered what really happen on Malastare, but she wondered who they were.

The only family member she now has is her uncle, Christoffer Tarkin, as longer as her cover remains she would do what she had been doing ever since she had meet Biggs Darklighter, a spy for the Rebel Alliance, and help them defeat the Empire domain over the galaxy.

Personality: Rivoche was pampered, privileged youth, prone to tantrums when she did not get her way. However this change when living with one of her uncles, she became aware of the cruelty and danger of Empire’s present in the galaxy, and started to hate the Empire and its policies. While she loathed the ideology the Tarkins had subscribed to, she remained loyal to her family, refusing to endanger her remaining family member, her uncle, Christoffer Tarkin, but despite this ultimately her loyalties are with Rebel Alliance.


Vehicle of Choice: She has a personal Imperial Shuttle.

Skills & Talents: She is calculative, and has the ability to make people talk to her about what she wants to hear. She might use her beauty and her elegant body to achieve what she wants. She is computer genius, but nobody knows this gift of hers, but her knowledgeable of galactic history is well known and well verse in Huttese, Wookie and Mandalorian. During her time at academy on the planet Kamino, she learned several things, among Martial Arts, sword fighting and use from a blaster pistol to an Ion Cannon and everything that she could use for her spy business. Behind her beauty, hides a knowledge and quite well trained elite stroomtrooper.


Personal Items: Rivoche is quite wealthy woman, since she received not only her father fortune, but also she received her Uncle Wilhuff Tarkin’s fortune. Rivoche has only one family member alive, an uncle named Christoffer Tarkin, who sees her as a spoil brat, but he tolerates her since Rivoche is the next of kin his got. She owns several major apartments and houses in the elite residential areas on Coruscant, Gallor, Eriadu, Kuat and Thyferra. Despite all this wealth, her most pride possession is small pendant that she always carries around her neck, a present from Auron. She always carries a small concealed Blaster Pistol, for her own protection.

Contact: Rivoche Tarkin