Oralus Selzen



Name: Oralus Selzen (aka Walden Pollus)

Type: PC

Affiliation: Neutral

Occupation: Pirate

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Height: 1,77 meters.

Weight: 80,7 Kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Corellia

Family: Daughter, Kelrunne Tolen (aka Lira Yunos)


Physical Description: Walden is not a tall man, standing at 1.77 meters, however, what he lacks in size, he makes up in strength.  His training in the Imperial Academy, Special Forces and law enforcement has given him upper body strength and stamina to get the job done.  He has black hair and on occasion (depending on which image has been used for his latest wanted poster) will have a scruffy beard.


Form of Dress: Walden wears casual clothes during normal flight and while not on the job, as well as when he is on planet, unless on a mission, or preparing for a fight, when he wears tactical armor.


Background: When he was younger, Oralus Selzen was known as Walden Pollus.  Though he was born on Corellia, he was raised on Coruscant.  His family wasn't wealthy and because of that, Walden's family did its best to save credits when it could.  Because of the lack of credits and the lack of opportunity, Walden chose to go to the Imperial Acadmey (this was before it was mandatory).  He graduated from the Academy with high marks and was immediately placed with a squadron of stormtroopers.  However, Walden didn't care for the Empire.  He saw his time at the Academy as a way out of the slums that he had grown up in.  He couldn't resign from the Imperial Navy, though, as it would get him executed.  Instead, he chose to serve his time and learn as much as he could.

After four years, Walden had moved up the ranks and had even been transferred to a Special Forces unit.  He had gained knowledge in covert ops, assassinations, and other techniques used by Special Forces to infiltrate, retrieve and destroy.

Just before Walden left for the Academy, he had met a girl, Rezza, and they had fallen in love.  Rezza, however, was not fond of the Imperials and was ashamed of Walden for going to the Imperial Academy, regardless of his own feelings.  They split but Rezza had discovered she was pregnant after Walden had left.  She chose to not tell him and hope that her child would never have to know its father.  This did not last very long.  The child, a daughter, constantly asked her mother about her father and one day, when the girl was ten, she found out who her father was.  By this point, Walden had been with the Imerial Navy for ten years and Rezza wasn't sure if he would even remember her or not.

Walden received a message from Rezza during some time off and went to meet his first love and their daughter.  It turned out that the girl was very similar to Walden in a lot of ways, including his attitude, his stubbornness and his ability to fix machines.  Even though Rezza did not want Walden to be a part of the girl’s life, Walden left the Special Forces and took on odd jobs with local law enforcement, mostly doing Special Forces work.  He got to know his daughter, much to Rezza’s dismay, as the girl wanted to spend more time with her father and less with her mother. 

Walden began to work as a bounty hunter for the local police and started hunting down various criminals that had eluded police for a time.  He earned a lot of credits that way and decided that it was time for him to leave.  He went to Rezza and suggested that she allow their daughter to join him as a way to explore the universe.  Rezza wasn’t pleased with the decision and forbade her daughter to join Walden on the journey.  Lira was not happy to hear her mother deny her chance to join her father on an incredible adventure and took a blaster from her drawer and killed her mother while she slept.  Lira was twelve at the time.

Lira gathered her belongings and left home to catch her father before he left.  She told him what had happened and she wasn’t regretful in the least and he wasn’t angry.  She knew what she wanted and she did what she needed to.  Walden needed a ship in order to leave Coruscant and decided he had enough credits for a down payment on a ship.  He purchased a YT-2400 and had a little bit of credits for a weapons upgrade. 

Unfortunately, now he had very little credits for anything else.  With Lira in tow, Walden left Coruscant for the Outer Rim and tried to pick up a few bounties.  He managed to find a couple that he was able to fulfill and get some extra credits, but it was never enough.  The cost of owning the ship had become too great.  It was Lira, aged fifteen at this point, who had come up with a good plan.  Find a ship that was alone in space and hijack it, then take the valuables and sell them.  Even though Walden had been a thief as a child, as necessary, he had hoped he had moved past that life.  However, with credits scarce, he needed to do something fast.  They discovered a small ship in a system and attacked it.  With the ship disabled, Walden forced the owners into an escape pod and forced them out of their own ship.  He and his daughter scavenged everything from the ship they could – though, since it was more of a yacht, it didn’t have a lot of extra weapons.  However, it still had items of value.  They salvaged as much as possible, including ripping consoles apart to get components and then destroyed the ship when they were finished.  They took their treasures to Nal Hutta because that was one place where questions wouldn’t be asked.

For Walden, it was a thrill to take things from others.  For Lira, she was glad to be with her father, helping him and finally living the life she wanted.  They chose to change their names and some of their looks in case the people they had just robbed had gotten a good look at them.  Luckily, it never happened.  This made Walden want to continue.  In order to do so, though, Walden needed more equipment on his ship.  He needed an ion cannon that could disable ships in a few shots rather than destroying engines.  The two made a list and as they continued to make a name for themselves in several local systems, they would make purchases of the items from the list.  Over time, the YT-2400 no longer matched the original specifications.

Three years of attacking ships and stealing from them had given Oralus Selzen and Kelrunne Tolen a considerable amount of credits.  Most were hidden across various worlds and there was no real home for them, either.  This made it easier in case they discovered a price on their head in one system, they could branch out to another with no real difficulty.  As of now, there was a price on each of their heads in six systems in the Mid Rim, so they are on their way back to the Outer Rim where pirating and smuggling was just a way of life.


Personality: Despite having been a part of the Imperial War Machine for ten years, Walden still has no love for the Empire.  They were a means to an end in that by joining them he was able to leave the slums of the lower levels of Coruscant.  And by leaving them he was able to eventually find his way into a lot of credits.  His lack of respect for the Empire doesn’t mean that he prefers the Alliance, either, though.  He understands their philosophy but would rather not get involved.  However, he realizes that if he were to attack Imperial vessels, with governors or dictators on them, he would at least be assisting the Alliance in a small way.

Walden loves his daughter and is glad that she chose to join him on a grand adventure.  He still wonders about the fact that she killed her mother in cold blood and thinks that if he ever crossed her she would do the same to him.  Because of that, Walden ensures that Lira spends as much of the credits as she wants and on whatever she wants.  For now, Lira has had similar tastes to her father in that she doesn’t want to purchase much.

Walden doesn’t get too angry unless he happens to run into problems with local law enforcement.  He is calm under pressure and prefers the adrenaline rush to the normalcy of looking for a job.


Vehicle of Choice: Heavily Modified YT-2400 Light Freighter - Devil's Chariot
Two quad laser cannons - can be manually fired or connected via cockpit
2 small, repeating blasters for close range combat
2 concussion missile launches, forward facing (launcher under cockpit)
1 ion cannon

Skills & Talents: Walden is a skilled pilot, able to handle not only the YT-2400 ship, but many of the other YT models as well as standard shuttles and smaller vehicles.  He is a trained sniper able to make accurate shots up to 90 meters away.  He is a charmer and has been known to use that as a way to get a better price on some of his stolen items.  Walden is good with fixing ships and droids.  Not to the point that he could be an expert but he has tenacity that eventually gets him to the finished product.  He is good in a fist fight and a firefight but knows just how long to stay and therefore knows when to run.


Personal Items: Beside the ship, Walden owns a modified assassin droid that works for him in a security capacity for the ship.  It has voice recognition and only responds to commands given by Walden or Lira.  Despite the amount of credits that he has, Walden chooses to use it to make upgrades on his ship or weapons and very rarely buys anything for himself unless it will help with a job.  His daughter owns an R2 unit that acts as a courier or scout when searching for new targets.


Contact: Oralus Selzen