Mon Mothma



Name: Mon Mothma

Type: CC

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance

Occupation: Chief of State

Age: 57

Gender: Female

Height: 1.5 m

Weight: 52 Kg

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Blue

Marital Status: Single

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Chandrila

Family: Lieda Mothma (daughter); Jobin Mothma (son - deceased)


Physical Description: A stern, stately woman, Mothma has both an air of kindness and of determined to her. She has a very charismatic stature and never loses her composure. She is somewhat short, but that does not seem to falter her status.


Form of Dress: Mon Mothma normally dresses in white senatorial type gowns, with little or no adornments, with knee high boots.


Background: Mon Mothma was born into political life. Her father was an arbiter-general in the Old Republic, and her mother was a governor on her native Chandrila. When she was old enough, Mothma joined the Galactic Senate, becoming the youngest senator in the council to date.

In opposition to Palpatine's ascendancy, Mothma organized intelligence cells, pockets of resistance to challenge the Empire, each one unaware of the other cells' existence. When the Republic finally crumbled, Mothma went underground, joining the political cells, forming what was to become the Rebel Alliance.

Although her role in unifying the separate resistance groups into the Rebel Alliance is unquestioned, Mothma credits Bail Organa for envisioning the structure of the organization. The two senators were often opponents on the senate floor, as Mothma's youthful idealism often clashed with Organa's realism and cynicism. The two did agree that Palpatine had to be stopped. In a series of meetings at Cantham House, Organa and Mothma devised and developed a plan for the Rebel Alliance. While Organa helped secretly supply the Alliance, he still played the role of political opponent to Mon Mothma. When the Emperor decided to arrest Mothma, Organa informed her, and she managed to escape just minutes before the Imperial Security Bureau arrived.

Mon Mothma then spent the next several years on the run from the Empire. As a fugitive, she made contact with various resistance groups, expounding the virtues of Alliance. Mothma's life was threatened not only by Imperial agents, but by overly-suspicious resistance groups as well.

The true birth of the Rebellion was the signing of the Corellian Treaty, where three main resistance groups swore on their lives to join the Alliance, and answer to Mothma. Mothma, and her Advisory Council became supreme rulers of the Alliance. Critics, such as former Corellian senator Garm Bel Iblis, often point out that Mothma was assuming dictatorial powers on the level of her enemy Palpatine. Mothma realized that a separate, impartial authority was needed to make the big decisions of the Alliance, and she was that person. Mothma instated a policy in that every two years members of the Alliance would vote on her continued command. She was never challenged in all the years of Rebellion.

Once the Alliance was truly formed, Mothma wrote the "Declaration of Rebellion." This document, personally addressed to Palpatine, indicted the Emperor on a number of crimes. The declaration served to undo the damage Imperial propaganda had done, painting the Rebels as terrorists. As a result of the declaration, many worlds decided to ally themselves with the Rebellion. During the Galactic Civil War, Mon Mothma served as Chief-of-State of the Alliance Civil Government, as well as Commander-in-Chief of the Alliance Military. At this time, Mon Mothma was number one on the Empire's Most Wanted List.

After the Rebel victory at Endor, Mothma was faced with the challenge of transforming a militarized Rebellion into a fully functional government. But first and foremost, that meant dealing with what was left of the Empire. Knowing fully well that with the demise of both the Emperor and his right hand, Darth Vader, the Empire would fall into inner battles themselves, Mothma used her contacts to spread propaganda of the Emperor’s death.

As the year came to close, Grand Moff Eskron made contact with the Rebel Alliance for the surrender of their forces. Cautious, nonetheless, Mothma sent a party to deal with the Imperial leader. Alas, it was a trap, and one that cost the Alliance some great losses. Her vision of peace was still farther than she had hoped, for now she had Eskron acting as a new leader and follower of the Sith, and still a strong faction of Imperial Remnants. And to make matters worse, she saw and a newborn Galactic Federation of Independent Systems that seemed to resemble much of the Confederacy of the Old Republic days.

Mothma knew that these were still dark times, and that much needs to be done…


Personality: Mon Mothma is a calm and witty person, who is always alert for openings in chances for restoring peace to the galaxy. She is most charismatic and a strong leader, and has the respect of many, including some of her enemies. Mon Mothma is well known for her leadership skills and has been uncontested as leader for the Rebel Alliance. She is known to take cautious measures and of finding ways to overcome whatever difficulties that may arise.


Vehicle of Choice: None in particular


Skills & Talents: Mon Mothma is skilled in political protocols and leadership skills and is a powerful speaker. She is most influential in her ideals and a talented tactician. She is also skilled in running underground operations and a talented linguist.


Personal Items: She has a silver locket that she keeps with her, reminding her of her native Chandrila and the ideals that her parents taught her.

Contact: Mon Mothma