Mara Jade



Name: Mara Jade.

Type: CC

Affiliation: Neutral

Force Occupation: Former Emperor's Hand & Wanderer

Force Mastery: Sith

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Height: 1.73 meters

Weight: 68 Kg

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Green

Marital Status: Single

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Unknown

Family: Unknown


Physical Description: She has gorgeous and somewhat built body. She has reddish hair and green eyes.


Form of Dress: She dresses with black leather dress with a black cape, but sometimes she likes to dress comfortable dresses that donít prejudiced her movements of arms and legs.


Background: Luke Skywalker's life has been indelibly changed by encounters with remarkable people. But if ever one person can be said to have had the greatest impact on his life, it was, the fiercely independent and stubbornly determined Mara Jade.

Mara Jade was discovered by Darth Vader by unknown circumstances, but Vader decision to take care of her and train Mara Jade in the ways of the Force was not know to her until she was a lot older.

Mara was raised on Darth Vader’s Coruscant Fortress retreat on north hemisphere on the shoreline of Western Sea, overlooking to the east the Manarai Mountains, where Darth Vader took her many times. Mara training regime was intense, but Darth Vader intended her training to be not only have physical aspect (lightsaber and development of using the force), he wanted her to study as many subjects as possible, that went from mathematics, to technology and even diplomacy and politics, so that she could be a very cult person. For that he brought the brilliant minds of Coruscant University to tutor Mara. However what she really enjoyed during this studies and training was when her training was outside, because that meant going to the Manarai Mountains to train and also discussing almost every subject with her master.

Whoever Darth Vader could not be present every single moment in her trainings and studies, because doing the bidding of Emperor Palpatine meant travelling offworld, but Mara was not left alone. A Protocol Droid in the service of Darth Vader, Kaythree, was keeper of the Darth Vader’s fortress, also he was in charge of Mara when his Master was away. This meant to keep Mara in the regime set by Darth Vader. While studies continue almost the same with the tutors coming to Fortress and teach her their respective subjects, which did not meant the same for her physical training, since it was her Master who train her, since sometimes he was away, Darth Vader decided to bring one of the best masters, Korus, who trained the Imperial Royal Guards to train Mara. It was under Korus, that she began learning covert espionage and assassination skills.

By the age of 14, Darth Vader told her that the time to show what she had learned had arrived. The test was quite simple, brake into Wilhuff Tarkin’s private quarters. Of course Mara knew it was more easily said than done, because Mara knew of the rumors that Wilhuff Tarkin’s private quarters was one of the best guarded places in Coruscant. In order to accomplish this mission, Mara, posing as a guest at a formal event at Tarkin’s estate, she feigned an illness in order to get away from other guests. She then retrieved a sack of equipment and descended down the side of the building to the room containing Tarkin’s private safe. While she was breaking in, a group of guards came in and she engaged them with her blaster and lightsaber. However, rather then kill them, she knock them out, since it was in the lines of exercise. Emperor Palpatine impressed by Mara Jade’s skills in this test she became an Emperor’s Hand.

Mara carried out Palpatine’s will on numerous worlds, eliminating corrupt Imperial officials, traitors and other who he deemed deserving of death and judgment. His esteem for her grew has her perfectionist in her missions was such that he allowed her to get some time for relaxation, atypical of Palpatine’s usual style. Of course this period she either took the time in her home, Darth Vader’s Coruscant fortress retreat with most of the time spent on Manarai Mountains or if Darth Vader is on a mission near her the planet she is in, she would go there meet him, giving Darth Vader another option that he could use on the mission, and ironically that was an option he would normally use, when Mara was at his disposal. That only showed that despite doing the bidding of Emperor Palpatine, her loyalties lay with Darth Vader.

Following the Battle of Yavin and preceding the Battle of Hoth, Mara investigated Moff Glovstoak, posing as Countess Claria and discovered that he had been skimming the top off tax returns to Coruscant. Faking intoxication, she retired to a private room during a formal party, Glovstoak was throwing, only to leave an inflatable dummy behind and, having exchanged her formal wear for a combat suit, quickly infiltrated his office and found six stolen paintings worth millions of credits in his palace. Mara returned to Coruscant and reported her findings to Palpatine, but also saved General Deerian, whom she believed to be honest, from the fallout of Glovstoak’s destruction.

Upon Glovstoak’s arrest, Mara also took the job of discovering who had delivered the paintings, as well as those who aided the Moff. First, she went to the auction house where the paintings had been a good match in the Birtraub Brothers Storage and Reclamation Center, within which she sensed criminal connections. Observing the facility from a nearby tapcafe, the owners of the storage facility attempted to drug her, but her Force-senses alerted her to attempt. She confronted the owner, Pirtonna Birtraub, who attempted to kill her. She easily subdued him and he admitted the involvement of a pirate group identified as the Bloodscars, a ruthless gang that wanted to combine several gangs to dominate the Shelsha Sector.

Mara stowed away on one of the pirate ships that she had been pointed to, choosing a HT-2200 medium freighter that was being sent to attack a transport carrying Imperial military equipment. About the time the craft launched an attack on the Happer’s Way, Mara was also discovered and attacked by the pirates. Undaunted, she quickly took over the ship, captured Tannis and signaled the Reprisal via the Happer’s Way’s communication relay to assist her and the freighter.

Boarding the Reprisal, Mara was coldly greeted by Captain Kendal Ozzel, who believed she was onto him for five stromtroopers that had deserted earlier after killing ISB Major Dralfin over Daric LaRone’s refusal to kill civilians on Teardrop. Mara requested a pair of crew members for the ship, and Colonel Vak Somoril gave her a pair of ISB men to accompany her. Taking the two ISB men and Tannis with her on the Happer’s Way, Mara went to infiltrate the pirate base at Gepparin, pretending to be an independent ship thief who wanted to join the Bloodscars.

Mara arrived on Gepparin and was brought to meet the Commodore, who was suspicious of her. That evening, Mara was attacked by the two ISB men, who had been ordered to eliminate her, and their attack attracted the pirates’ attention. She attempted to deal with the Commodore, who ignored her and had his pirate accomplice Caaldra to kill her. His attempt was unsuccessful, but Mara was interrupted before she could stop him and the Commodore, because aboard the Reprisal, Ozzel and Somoril, wanting to be sure she was slain, arrived over Gepparin and launched Tie Fighter and an orbital bombardment to kill Mara and the pirates. Mara quickly raced to the command center and found the commodore’s body next to a HoloNet message he was about to send to Shelkonwa. Mara was able to reach on Z-10 Seeker and shot down the Tie Fighters, as the Reprisal left in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon and their rogue stormtroopers who had appeared in-system allowing Mara to escape.

Journeying to Shelkonwa, she found her Master, Darth Vader and the Executor there in search of Leia Organa. Mara believed that Governor Barshnis Choard was a traitor, and informed Vader of her findings. Darth Vader, seeing that capturing Leia Organa was more important, he decided not to intervene, but allowed Mara to investigate and deal with Choard. Upon landing, Caaldra attacked her with an All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST), but she was aided by the group of rogue stormtroopers, dubbed the Hand of Judgment. Taking them under her command, she defeated the AT-ST, unknowingly with the help of Chewbacca in a freighter, but Caaldra had escaped. With her newly drafted stormtroopers, she advanced on the Governor’s Palace, where once again Caaldra tried to kill her. This time, she put an end to him when he tried to shoot her and redirected the bolt into him with her lightsaber. In the mean time, the Hand of Judgment had penetrated the governor’s security. Linking back up with the Hand of Judgment, Mara arrested Governor Choard and vouched for the rogue stormtroopers, even in front of Vader. Later, she learned their true story. She let them go, but warned to lie low and lose their Hand of Judgment name.

After this mission, Mara quickly worked on other missions where she heard about the Battle of Hoth. After completing her latest mission, Emperor Palpatine gave her a relaxation period. She took the chance to meet with her Master and noticed slight changes on Darth Vader. But it took by surprised when Darth Vader openly told her in private conversation, that he only took her as his apprentice because she reminded him of someone of his past. It was surprise for Mara, but Vader interrupted the conversation. It was the first time she sensed Darth Vader’s inner conflict and worries. Vader ordered her to capture the rebel Luke Skywalker and bring him alive to him.

After few preparations she was called to meet with Emperor Palpatine, she quickly became aware of Palpatine’s worries about Luke Skywalker and ordered her to kill him. Divided by her duty to the Emperor and her loyalties to Darth Vader, she infiltrated Jabba Desilijic Tiure’s Palace on Tatooine, disguised as the dancing girl named Arica, in order to wait for Luke Skywalker to rescue his friend Han Solo. Mara was able to see Luke fail attempt to rescue his friend and watch falling to the Rancor’s Pit. Mara had no change to make any decision and think of where her loyalties lie, since ultimately lay with Vader, she was capture by the skills of Luke and recognize some of the moves that made her froze watching the Jedi killing the Rancor.

When Jabba decided to throw Han, Leia and Luke to the Great Pit of Carkoon, she begged Jabba to join him and the others, but a suspicious Jabba instead refused and order to remain at the Jabba’s Palace, thus failing her mission. She decided to by any means to go there and at least capture Luke, but upon arrival she saw the reckage of Jabba’s sail barge. She was late, but the bodies that weren’t eaten by Sarlacc lay on the sand and upon analyzing them had lightsaber marks on them, concluding that Luke and his friends where able to flee, making her fail at her mission. She decided to return to Coruscant, but utterly ashamed that she failed her Master. However upon arrival at her home, Kaythree told that both Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader where killed at the Battle of Endor, by Rebel Luke Skywalker, or at least that was the news on the Holonet. 

In the following months after of Battle of Endor instability raised on the Empire, she blamed Skywalker for Darth Vader's death and the loss of her purpose. Mara retreat herself into Darth Vader’s Coruscant Fortress retreat, not exactly what to do, due being overwhelmed by her master’s death. She eventually was found herself again serving the Empire under Eskron to be used as last resort in the plan to attack the Rebel Alliance on Bakura, which she accepted by the chance to kill Luke and avenge Darth Vader’s death. But after seeing Luke loosing the battle against Darth Eskron and his apprentice Darth Morianna that something stirred in her, like her own conscience was talking to her that made her act to rescue Luke Skywalker from his death. After sensing that Luke was safe from the two Sith, Mara Jade flee from the battle and disappeared without a trace.

Mara Jade began to travel planet to planet not being in the same place for long periods of time, since she knows that Eskron would not rest until he had his revenge on her.

Personality: She is now in conflict since for one she wants to kill Luke Skywalker for the death of Darth Vader and her impulse to do quite the opposite, like her action to save Luke’s life. She doesn’t know what made her stirred inside her that is compelled to act as she did, but she determined to find out, and that is the reason to travel across the galaxy in way to find who she really is.


Vehicle of Choice: Tie Interceptor


Force Skills & Talents: She is equivalent to a Sith in mid level, but there are somethings that comes natural to her.


Personal Items: She only owns her lightsaber and has vast fortune that she stolen from Darth Vaderís fortune.


Contact: Mara Jade