Kyra Ronso



Name: Kyra Ronso

Type: PC

Affiliation: Empire

Occupation: Imperial Black Operative (Commander)

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Height: 1.70 meters

Weight: 60 Kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Pale Blue

Marital Status: Married

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Unknown

Family: Unknown


Physical Description: Kyra has a beautiful and athletic body, with black hair and pale blue eyes. This is a unique visible physical difference her from the rest of the humans, to why she has this feature is unknown. She also is well built body that she worked during her days at the academy and continues to keep it fit.


Form of Dress: Kyra has vast of cloths, for different occasions. Her choice of cloths has to fulfill three aspects, which needs to make her look beautiful, elegant and comfortable. She has a uniform for her job as a Black Operative and still has her old Stormtrooper uniforms.


Background: Kyra was found as a baby in Mos Espa, Tatooine, by a slave who raised her. In early years she worked in a shop that specialized itself in weaponry. As a teenager, she escaped from that wretched placed and joined the Imperial Academy on the planet Kamino. The commander in charge of academy, a Commander Cody – former Old Republic clone trooper – began to saw how incredible ambitious she was. To Cody despite having ambitious attitude was good, it could become too reckless on the field, because people with too ambitious would become too sure of themselves without having their feet on the ground and in present, leading to deaths.

So Kyra and her fellow cadets learn Cody’s first lesson of humility and their minds be in the present and be realistic, by recreating the battle of Geonosis from the Clone Wars, where all cadets, including Kyra, failed the mission with flying colors. The next few years, under Cody and the other instructors on Kamino Academy made Kyra to flourish and growing her skills, but questioned the Empire’s policies and seeing the cruelty of the Empire around her, she decided to leave the academy before she could graduate and joined the Rebels, in hopes of serving a better cause. Using what she knew best, she became a weapons specialist for the Alliance.

In those years, she was stationed in Yavin 4, where she me Auron, and fell in love. They married within a month from having met each other. She didn't enter the battle of Yavin directly, but served as a guard in the communication room.


After that, she decided to become a pilot because she wanted to accompany Auron to every place he went, and it didn't take much time for her to accomplish her goal. In the incident where her husband was presumed dead, she was the sole survivor of the squadron to ever return to base. Not wanting to answer to an inquiry by her superior she was considered a traitor and Imperial Spy and was arrested. Despite being innocent and seeing she was being framed by her superior, but with sentiment of betrayal in her heart, she escaped leaving the Alliance behind.


She swore to herself that she would avenge her husband's death by serving the Empire and killing those who had sent both her and her husband into a suicidal mission and who framed her.

She joined the Empire, where she quickly caught the attention of several high Imperial ranking people. It was only she single handily rescue the life Admiral Christoffer Tarkin, when he was captured by pirates, that proved she was the perfect candidate to integrate a special program with special secret operations training, also known as The Black Operatives.

Hearing the news of Emperor Palpatine's death, in the destruction of the second Death Star she vowed allegiance to Eskron, but his rule was short lived. She vowed allegiance to his successor Emperor Christoffer Tarkin.

Personality: Kyra is cold and merciless. The ways of the Empire made her the way she is. There is very little good in her, but she still has the desire to meet her real parents. She has a picture of her lost love, and usually looks at it just before she goes to rest, and most of the time she falls asleep crying.

Vehicle of Choice: Kyra’s ship is a Tie Interceptor.


Skills & Talents: Kyra learned almost every form of martial arts known to existence. She is also a very good shooter with a blaster rifle and a keen pilot. She likes to be constantly on missions, the only thing that takes her mind off her sorrow.


Personal Items: She owns a twin blaster pistols and a blaster rifle, and a sword offered by Eskron himself for the excellent job she had done recently. She owns a picture of her husband that she presumes that died a few years ago and is still suffering for the loss.


Contact: Kyra Ronso