Jania Adranis



Name: Jania Adranis

Type: PC

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance

Occupation: Lieutenant Commander

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 131 lbs

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Hazel

Marital Status: Single

Species: Corellian

Place of Birth: Kor Vella, Corellia

Family: Colonel Athan Adranis (deceased); Lia Adranis (mother); Sera Adranis (sister)


Physical Description: Jania is well toned, and disciplined. She is in excellent shape considering the requirements for flying Starfighters. She does have her share of wounds from the combats she has been in. She has red hair and a very similar look to her sister who she believes still works for Imperial Intelligence. Except for a few features and the way she wears her hair she looks very similar to her sister, Sera.


Form of Dress: Jania is almost always found in a Rebel Alliance Pilot Uniform or a flight suit.


Background: Jania was born on Corellia to Dr. Lia Adranis and an Imperial Army Colonel, Athan Adranis. Both Jania and her sister, Sera, had a good life being raised on Corellia, and both were raised around the idea that the Empire maintained peace and order in the Galaxy and the Rebels were extremist terrorists. Both Jania and Sera’s childhood was idyllic.

Sera and Jania finally grew up and went to the Imperial Academy together. However, a rift would develop between her sister, who was fanatically loyal to the Empire, and Jania, who was questioning her loyalties after what she found outside of the isolated city of Kor Vella. However, the two sisters still loved each other enough that Sera did not tell anyone that Jania was joining the Rebel Alliance.

Jania joined the Rebellion as a Fighter Pilot Recruit soon after the Battle of Yavin
and trained on Z-95 Headhunters. She passed her training and was assigned to the 245th Rebel Alliance X-Wing Squadron at Echo Base on Hoth. She would participate in many dangerous missions against the Empire. Her crowning achievement was defeating Major Criss Altan, an Imperial TIE Fighter ace that was nicknamed “The Sarlaac” due to his ability to lure Rebel Pilots into well conceived TIE Ambushes. This gave Jania the nickname “Sarlaac Killer”.

During the Evacuation of Hoth Jania escorted the fleeing transports from Echo Base, and was commended for defending the transports until they could jump to Hyperspace. However, she never forgot her sister. And since it was a very tense relationship, Sera finally stopped talking to Jania for some unexplained reason.

Jania went on to fly at the Battle of Endor, where her X-Wing was damaged from a shockwave when the Death Star’s Superlaser destroyed a Mon Calamari Cruiser. She had to crash land her damaged X-Wing into Home One’s Hanger bay. She was wounded during the crash landing and unable to fly for several weeks after the battle. Finally, she recovered.

In the years since the Battle of Endor and Emperor Eskron’s failed attempt to assassinate the Rebel High Command Hierarchy she has grown more distant from her sister due to being on opposite sides of the galactic conflict. She now commands the 504th X-Wing Fighter Squadron and continues to aid the Rebellion against the Empire. Recently, however, she has begun to have strange nightmares regarding her sister.


Personality: Jan is a free spirited selfless person that always puts others and the needs of her pilots over her own needs. She can be stubborn and unreasonable at times. However she believes fully in the ideals of the Rebel Alliance. She does not like to talk about family because of the rift that has formed between herself and her sister, Sera. Also, she has strange nightmares that keep her up at night. Jania can also be fiery when she is mad, and at those time it is safer just to leave her be and let her blow it off.


Vehicle of Choice: Incom T-65 X-Wing

Type: Space Superiority Fighter

Length: 12.5 meters

Weapons: 4 Laser Cannons, 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers

Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Astromech Droid Unit


Skills & Talents: Jania is one of the finest X-Wing Starfighter aces in the alliance. Also, she is skilled with blaster pistols and rifles, even though ground combat is not her forte. She also prides herself as a gambler, and can sometimes be found enjoying a game of Sabbac.


Personal Items: DL-44 Blaster Pistol, Family Picture, Sabbac Deck.


Contact: Jania Adranis