Name: Daala

Type: CC

Affiliation: Imperial Remnant

Occupation: Navy Admiral

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 131 lbs

Hair Colour: Long red

Eye Colour: Brown

Marital Status: Widowed

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Unknown

Family: Unknown


Physical Description: Admiral Daala's most distinguishing feature is her long red hair. That is a by-product of her isolation in the Maw. She mainly wears a standard Imperial naval uniform and is quite unassuming.


Form of Dress: Daala usually dresses in an Imperial Uniform.


Background: Daala was born twenty-six years prior to the Battle of Yavin. She had a peaceful upbringing. While young, she fell in love, although the details of the affair are muddy. Presumably, following the end of the relationship, she enrolled in the Academy of Carida.

While she was a talented student and officer at the Imperial Academy, she was continually passed over for promotion due to her gender, though accounts by Imperial military officers said that she argued too much when she was passed over for promotions. To take out her frustrations toward the male-dominated military, she made herself a false computer identity. Under this alias, Daala was able to defeat many high-level officers, including some of her own instructors, in simulated battles. Many of her tactics were based upon ideas formed by Jan Dodonna. Her tactics were studied and implemented throughout the entire Imperial military. Despite graduating from the Academy, she ended up a non-commissioned officer in the Imperial Army.

She soon gained the attention of Moff Tarkin. He investigated Daala's hidden exploits at the Academy, hiring two black-market slicers who worked for several months to find the identity of the hidden strategist. He was pleasantly surprised to discover not only her identity, but that she was female. At the time, Daala held the rank of Corporal and had first been a computer clerk, then a member of the kitchen staff preparing food for Star Destroyers. When the Carida staff discovered her identity, they planned to reassign her to a meteorological station at the planet's southern pole. However, Tarkin took her on as his protégé, using his influence to bypass the normal military hierarchy and promote her. Daala eventually received the rank of Admiral.

Many quietly complained that Daala was sleeping her way to the top. When one of those remarks made its way back to Tarkin, he searched out the officer who had made it. He had the officer sealed inside an environmental suit and ejected him into the space over a planet as punishment. Tarkin had the suit's radio left on so that others could hear the man over the course of 24 hours as his orbit decayed. The officer's orbit decayed to the point where he finally entered the planet's atmosphere and burned up on re-entry. However, the allegations were in fact accurate, as Daala did have an affair with Tarkin once she transferred under his command.

Tarkin would eventually have a special task for Daala. He entrusted Daala with the protection of the Maw Installation. A research facility that housed the scientists and components for the Death Star. Tarkin ordered Daala not to abandon her post nor break communications silence unless he returned, as she had no authority outside Tarkin's command. So, after his death, Daala stayed isolated in the Maw with no news of the Galaxy outside and no one in the Empire aware of her existence.

This would change when a Smuggler Ship sought refuge in the Maw, out of chance this smuggler ship happened to find its way safely into the Maw. Daala ordered the ship captured and its crew tortured for information. What she learned shocked her. She killed the Ship's entire crew herself for even mentioning that Tarkin was dead. Daala learned of Eskron's Empire and she found it abhorrent. She had no love for Rebels, but even less for Emperor Eskron. She left the Maw and began to harass Eskron's holdings. This drew the attention of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who approached her with a proposal.


Personality: Daala is brilliant, but very feminist. The only man she ever had a respect for was Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. There was no love involved, she saw it as a convenient partnership with options for advancement. However, she sees Eskron as a usurper, a pawn of Emperor Palpatine, and the Imperial Remnant as the true Empire. Daala is an aggressive commander that harbours much frustration at being poorly treated by the Imperial command structure. This has drawn her loyalties to the Remnant.


Vehicle of Choice: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Gorgon
Manufacture: Kuat Drive Yards
Length: 1600 m
Weapons: 6 Dual Heavy Turbolaser turrets, 2 Dual Heavy Ion Cannon Turrets, 2 Quad Heavy Turbolasers, 3 Triple Medium Turbolasers, 2 Medium Turbolasers, 60 Light Turbolasers, 60 Light Ion Cannons, 10 Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors
Hyperdrive: Yes
Cargo Capacity: 1 TIE Starfighter wing, 8 Lambda-class Shuttles, 15 Delta-class Stormtrooper Transports, 5 Assault Gunboats, Skipray Blastboats, 1 Gamma-class assault shuttle, Repair and Recovery vehicles, Theta-class AT-AT barges, 12 Landing Craft, 20 AT-AT walkers, 30 AT-ST walkers, 1 Prefabricated Garrison Base


Skills & Talents: Daala is exceptionally skilled at tactics and war. She is capable of matching and even exceeding a traditional male Imperial military officer.


Personal Items: Blaster, Imperial Naval Uniform.


Contact: Admiral Daala