Christoffer Tarkin



Name: Christoffer Tarkin

Type: PC

Affiliation: Empire

Occupation: Emperor & Commander of the Nova Fleet

Age: 60

Gender: Female

Height: 1,80 meters.

Weight: 65 Kg

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Brown

Marital Status:Widow

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Eriadu

Family: Father – Arturius Tarkin (Dead), Mother – Isola Tarkin (Dead), Brother – Gideon Tarkin(Dead), Twin-Brother – Wilhuff Tarkin(Dead), Wife – Lady Ayda Tarkin (Dead)


Physical Description: A man entering the house of sixties, he is medium height and strong with well-defined muscles. He has a cold and sharp look about himself that could pierce into a man’s soul, making Chirstoffer almost frightening person at first glance. He is split image of his twin brother Wilhuff Tarkin who died in the first Death Star.


Form of Dress: Mainly a Standard Imperial Uniform.


Background: Christoffer Tarkin was born a twin brother to Grand Moff Wilhuff, the Imperial Governor to the Outer Rim Regions. Both together masterminded the Death Star. Christoffer at first shared Palpatine’s vision of the New Order, thus was a loyal to its cause, however that changed in time.

Since the last days of the Old Republic he ascended the military and political ranks on his home world, Eriadu. He made important contacts on Old Republic Senate, especially with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, which made him during the Clone Wars one of many non-Clone military to lead the Republic’s Clone Army.

When Palpatine proclaimed Emperor and the creation of the First Galactic Empire, Christoffer Tarkin was promoted to captian to the Empire, while his twin brother Wilhuff was granted command over Seswenna sector, Christoffer remain as captain of his own ship. Of course Christoffer knew that he didn’t have the job he wanted due his marriage with Lady Ayda, just because she was not exactly human. Thus he didn’t care since at least he considered happily married unlike his twin brother Wilhuff’s several marriages.

Christoffer saw the Death Star as the ultimate weapon, enough to deter any rebellion, but did not share his twin brother’s demonstration of the Death Star of the on planet that isn’t a military target, because he believed it would have the opposite reaction and could enrage the people against the Empire and fueled more the Rebel Alliance campaign.

It was after the destruction of Alderaan and the Battle of Yavin, that he learn his brother Wilhuff died in the destruction of the first Death Star, but what hurt the most was learning that his wife, Ayda, was on Alderaan, when the planet was destroyed by the same weapon he created. Christoffer was devastated and wanting to unleash his wrath on those who where responsible for his wife’s death. Then it finally hit him, that he was responsible for Ayda’s death. Filled with guilt, he never look back when he abandoned the Tarkin’s Doctrine and became a defender that resources should be used in the Imperial fleets, instead on a super weapon, that are costly and drains valuable resources.

Christoffer Tarkin, was pointed by Eskron to be the commander of the mainly fleet of the Empire called Nova Fleet to defend the Empire against his enemies, also he was the only one who openly support Eskron decision and confident of the General’s abilities gave the command of the Empire’s 501st.

After these events, he became a changed man, enjoying all the pleasures that life gave him, like he had never before, but never really lose focus on his goals to defend his Empire from its enemies.


Personality:Christoffer Tarkin is a military man at heart, after the death of his wife, he became dedicated to the fleet and the crew under him, but in return he wants his crews to internalize his new values of discipline, order, efficiency and obedience to authority, expecting the very best of his subordinates. Despite his discipline, however, since his wife died, he became hedonistic, especially he has fondness of the female sex which resulted, since of late, being of a womanizer. However that doesn’t stop him to crush his enemies with no remorse and therefore his name is feared, but equally respected throughout the Galaxy.


Vehicle of Choice: The Super Star Destroyer “Executor II”
Manufacture: Kuat Drive Yards
Type: Super Star Destroyer
Length: 19.000 meters
Crew: 15.500 & 55.000 troopers
Weapons: 65 turbo lasers, 26 Ion Cannons, 15 tractor beam projectors, 15 warhead launchers.
Squadron Capacity: 4 Tie Fighter, 6 Tie Interceptors, 4 Tie Defenders, 1 squadron of new prototypes of the Tie Phantoms.
Note: It has an experimental Executor-class shield technology, but it still has several flaws in it.

Skills & Talents: Tactics, negotiations, high intelligence, expert pilot, expert Diplomat, public speaking, dynamics and schematics.


Personal Items: He owned several estates up until death of his wife. After that he sold all of his estates, Naboo (before the liberation of Naboo by Rebel Alliance), Kuat, Eriadu and Thyferra, since he didn’t want anything that reminded of his late wife. He even sold his former estate in Coruscant. Ever since he became the new Emperor is new home is the Imperial Palace, which is run by he trusted employees, but the majority is non-human slaves. He has one of the biggest fortunes in the galaxy.


Contact: Christoffer Tarkin