Boba Fett



Name: Boba Fett

Type: CC

Affiliation: Neutral

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Height: 1.83 m

Weight: 80 Kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Kamino

Family: Sintas Vel (ex-wife); Ailyn Vel /daughter); Kora Fett (sister)


Physical Description: A faceless enforcer, Boba Fett's distinctive armour strikes fear in the hearts of fugitives. Still, underneath the infamous Mandalorian armour is a well built man with short clipped hair and brown eyes, just like his father before him.


Form of Dress: Boba Fett wears a unique Mandalorian armour that used to belong to his “father” Jango Fett. Boba has designed some improvements himself, that ensure an even greater performance. Boba Fett's armour is a battered weapon-covered spacesuit equipped with a rocketpack. His gauntlets contain a flamethrower, and a whipcord lanyard launcher. His kneepads conceal rocket dart launchers. Several ominous braids hang from his shoulder -- trophies from fallen prey -- that underscore this hunter's lethality.


Background: A faceless enforcer, Boba Fett's distinctive armour strikes fear in the hearts of fugitives. He is a legendary bounty hunter, accepting warrants from both the Empire and the criminal underworld. He is all business, laconic, and deadly.

Fett has carefully guarded his past, cultivating a curtain of mystery around his origins. He is in truth a clone, an exact genetic replica of his highly skilled "father," Jango Fett. As a young boy, Fett grew u
p on the planet Kamino. Jango raised and cared for him with the assistance of the Kaminoan, Taun We, who ultimately took on the role of being a foster mother to him. Fett was aware of the fact that he was a clone of his “father”. However, he would often question his conception. Jango assured his son that he was a "true clone" and his real son. Along with the Clawdite Zam Wesell, Taun We was the sole female influence in the young Fett's life.

As a child Boba never attended school, instead he gained much knowledge from his travels with his father and the books he borrowed from the local library. Sometime before the Clone Wars, Boba met ex-Jedi, Count Dooku, who had hired his father to take up bounties that would be beneficial to him and his master in the events that followed. On one such mission Boba accompanied Jango to the planet of Kuat, where Jango used the boy as bait to lure his bounty into the open. Afraid, the young Fett threw a thermal detonator and fled into the tents. Once he located the boy, the colonist was horrified to learn the young boy was the son of the man sent to kill him. Jango, having finished assassinating the remaining members of the camp tracked down Boba and demanded that Larbo released his son, slashing his way through the tents canopy. Disgusted, Larbo asked what kind of man would use his own son as bait, and Boba replied "Only a son can know his father's heart". After killing his bounty, Boba escaped with his father on their ship and informed the Count of their successful mission. Boba would often accompany his father to the training sessions with the other clones where he taught them basic combat skills.

Young Boba's life changed when a tenacious Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi, came looking for his father. Investigating the attempted assassination of a Naboo Senator, Fett’s father, Jango, realized that he and his son would have to leave Kamino before the Jedi unravelled the mystery behind the attacks on Senator Padmé Amidala. But Kenobi, having received orders to detain the Bounty Hunter, brawled with Jango as the Fetts sought to escape from Kamino. Young Boba helped his father by pinning the Jedi down with explosive laser fire from the Fett starship, Slave I.

En route to Geonosis, they realized that Kenobi had tracked them. Boba encouraged and intently watched his father outsmart and outmaneuver the Jedi. He eventually watched what they thought was the death of Kenobi. The Fetts journeyed to Geonosis, where Jango's benefactor resided. Boba watched as his father's enemies were sentenced to death, but Jedi prove very hard to kill. A huge battle erupted as Jedi r
einforcements stormed Geonosis to free their fellow Jedi. Jango entered the fray, only to be killed by Jedi Master Mace Windu. Boba was shocked to witness his father's swift death, and he quietly cradled Jango's empty helmet as Geonosis erupted into all-out war.

After Jango's death, Boba picked up the pieces of his shattered life with the help of his "black book," an encoded message unit written by Jango with instructions for survival should Boba ever find himself alone. After the Battle of Geonosis, Boba quietly buried his father's body and marked the grave with a simple "J.F." He sought out his father's benefactor, Darth Tyranus, who had the remainder of Jango's stipend.

Constantly on the run, Fett managed to secure a minor bounty on an assassin before reaching safety. With nowhere left to go, young Boba found himself in the custody of Jabba the Hutt. One of the reasons Jabba accepted Boba was to repay the favour Jango Fett did him by killing Gardulla the Hutt a decade earlier. While working for Jabba the Hutt, Boba had befriended one of Jabba's cooks and his daughter. The two had Jango Fett's body armour re-sized to fit the young Boba's frame. This couldn't have come at a better time, since Jabba was about to give him his first off-world assignment.

His first major hunt off-planet was after Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor, who had a base on Xagobah. The planet was under assault by the Grand Army of the Republic, so Fett encountered difficulties sneaking past both attack forces. He managed to get inside the base and brutally finished off Nuri, but the arrival of General Grievous foiled his plans, as Fett proved no match for the Kaleesh warrior. Young Fett only survived because he faked his own death. Both Wat Tambor and General Grievous escaped.

Boba Fett tried to give pursuit in Slave I, but the ship was damaged in a dogfight with Asajj Ventress. Slave I was actually saved from destruction because of the intervention of a young Jedi Knight named Anakin Skywalker, who drove off Ventress. After forcing Slave I to land on a nearby moon, Skywalker and Fett met for the first time. Skywalker, knowing that Fett was obviously not a Separatist, assisted Boba in repairing his ship. During this time, Boba repainted his armour, which was identical to Jango Fett's, into the green colour scheme that he is most identified with, thus making it his own. Even though Skywalker had helped him repair his ship, he was intent on taking Fett in for violating air space in a Republic controlled military zone. Boba convin
ced Skywalker, however, that he had information vital to the Republic's survival. Information he would only tell the Supreme Chancellor. The information Boba had was knowledge that Count Dooku and Darth Tyranus were one and the same person. He would trade this information in order to get close to the one person he hated the most—the Jedi who had killed his father on Geonosis, Mace Windu.

After being escorted to Coruscant by Governor Tarkin, Boba finally acquired his one and only chance at Mace Windu. Boba followed and waited for the Jedi in the Supreme Chancellor's chambers, of all places. Boba engaged Mace Windu in combat but could not kill the Jedi Master. The two stood, battered and wounded, each ready to deliver a final blow with their weapons. The fight was actually halted by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, before either one could make a move. Boba was surprised to learn that the Chancellor already knew that Dooku was Tyranus. He also knew that Boba would hunt down Mace Windu, once he arrived on Coruscant. "I believe we share a common enemy," the Chancellor told Fett. Palpatine paid Fett for his information and told him never to speak of their conversation again, an agreement that Boba wisely kept. Then the Chancellor sent him on his way.

By the end of the Clone Wars, Boba Fett had reached the age of thirteen—the traditional start of adulthood in Mandalorian culture. Fett was now a fully-fledged bounty hunter.

For years to come, Fett's reputation grew among bounty hunters and assassins. Boba continued to acquire and upgrade pieces of Mandalorian armour. Eventually he found the Mandalorian armour of Jango's old mentor and leader, Jaster Mereel. Along with his new attire, he had honed his skills as an assassin and mercenary, which would one day make him the most feared and sinister bounty hunter in the Galaxy.

At some point before 16 BBY, Boba met Sintas Vel, a Kiffar bounty hunter. In an attempt at a normal life, he married her. The two later conceived a child, Ailyn Vel, who was born in 15 BBY. Fett's job allowed for few attachments, however, and the relationship failed to last long, Fett abandoning his family less than three years later. The abandonment of his family caused Ailyn to hate her father.
In 12 BBY, Fett met Han Solo for the first time, in a brawl on the world of Jubilar. Boba managed to capture and proceeded to taking him to his client. However, he was interrupted by Han's good friend, Lando Calrissian. While Fett was busy with Solo, Lando sneaked up on the bounty hunter and jammed a blaster into his neck. Unable to resist, Boba Fett was humiliated when Lando injected the same toxin he had used on Solo. They ordered Boba Fett to leave entirely. Once the effects of the toxin wore off, Fett would swear revenge against Han and Lando, for very few people outsmarted him and lived to tell the tale. It was the beginning of a long rivalry.

Within a year after the Battle of Yavin, Fett was hired by Rom Mohc to kill Kyle Katarn because of Katarn's intrusions into the secretive Dark Trooper Project but, despite Fett's prowess, Katarn escaped the encounter on Coruscant and went on to destroy the project. As a member of Jabba's gang, Fett accompanied the Hutt to confront Han Solo, a smuggler and a long time rival of Fett, about a spice shipment he had failed to deliver.

Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Darth Vader desperately wanted to capture the fugitive Rebel craft, the Millennium Falcon. To that end, he hired a motley assortment of bounty hunters, including the legendary Fett. Vader specifically pointed out to Fett that the Falcon's passengers were to be taken alive. "No disintegrations," rumbled the Dark Lord, obviously familiar with Fett's reputation.

It was Fett who successfully tracked the Falcon from Hoth to Bespin. Arriving at the gas giant before the Falcon, Fett and Vader sprung a trap on the ship's hapless crew. Fett, a shrewd negotiator, received his bounty for capturing the crew, but also was given custody of Han Solo. The bounty hunter was set to collect the reward on Solo's head placed there by the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt.

Many bounty hunters attempted to steal Solo from Fett, including an IG-88 unit that caused Fett to stop at Gall for repairs. Dash Rendar followed him but could not defeat Fett. Boba eventually escaped. With Solo in his possession, Fett set his course for Tatooine. However, he was intercepted by IG-88C and IG-88D in IG-2000, who were trying to steal Han Solo's carbonite block and avenge their lost "brother". Fett quickly destroyed C and deceived D, destroying his ship with a barrage of fire. D's ship crashed, though the droid managed to survive. Fett then continued on to Tatooine.

Landing on Tatooine, Fett was confronted by a squad of stormtroopers that tried to arrest him, but he killed them all rather than be further delayed. Arriving at Jabba's Palace, Bib Fortuna directed him to enter via the side entrance, secretly guarded by a krayt dragon, with the hope Fett might die. However he defeated the dragon and ushered Fortuna in at gunpoint to present Solo to the Hutt. Jabba was so pleased that he could display the captured Solo that he paid 250,000 credits for him, rather than the original 100,000 credit bounty. This was in addition to the hefty bounty the Empire had already paid him. He further requested Fett remain at the Palace, suggesting it would be worth his while if Solo's companions came searching for him.

When Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, and Luke Skywalker attempted to rescue the frozen Solo from Jabba's palace, they were captured, with Jabba finding different ways to dispose of each of the erstwhile heroes. Fett remained on-guard, but found his stay entertaining, watching with Jabba as Luke battled the vicious rancor. When Luke killed the monster, an outraged Jabba sentenced Luke, Han, and Chewbacca to be cast into the Pit of Carkoon where the ghastly Sarlacc lived. On the path to the Sarlacc, Boba was aware of the large reward on Skywalker's head for his capture to the Empire. Unfortunately, Jabba would not have it. They killed his rancor; they would have to pay the price. The hunter hated the Hutt for this. Luke staged his own rescue and Fett attempted to stop him along with several of Jabba's hapless guards.

While he fired at Luke, in his obsession with killing the Jedi, he failed to notice Solo. Solo, still blind from hibernation sickness, accidentally activated Fett's jet pack, rocketing him against the sail barge and bouncing down to the sand, rolling right into the waiting maw of the Sarlacc.

Fett's armour and body were extremely battered by his ordeal in the Sarlacc. When he plunged into the beast, he was kept alive by numerous fibrous suckers that attached themselves to his body. This was part of the Sarlacc's horrible metabolic process; it would keep its prey alive for thousands of years, all the while slowly feeding off it. Fett almost lost his identity in the swirling dementia brought about by the Sarlacc's toxins. His resolve held, and he used his weapons to blast free of the beast.

Naked, wounded, and defenseless on the sands of Tatooine, Fett survived, and nursed himself back to health. He reclaimed his armour and his reputation, returning from the "dead," and again taking on bounties.


Personality: Boba Fett is a cold hearted man, who takes no interest in others or their ideals. Despite his targets having pleaded before him, he pities no one and cares only about himself. Driven by hatred on the Jedi for killing his “father”, and caring only for who can pay his fees, Boba Fett is famed to be the best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy, a reputation that he well deserves.


Vehicle of Choice: Modified Firespray-class Patrol and Atack Ship, Slave I
Manufacture: Kuat Systems Engineering (later modified by MandalMotors)
Length: 21.5 m
Countermeasures: Sensor Mask and Jamming Systems, Static Discharge Port, Escape Pod
Weapons: 2 Twin-Mounted Rotating Blaster Cannons, 1 Ion Cannon, 1 Concussion Missile Tube Launcher (concealed), 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers (concealed), 1 Tractor Beam Projector (concealed), 9 Void-7 Seismic Charges Minelayer
Hyperdrive: Yes


Skills & Talents: Boba Fett is a very skilled and professional bounty hunter, versed in a great many deals. He is an ace pilot and very versed in all types of weaponry, especially blasters. He is also well trained in unarmed combat as well as melee weapons, a skilled mechanic and a talented linguist.


Personal Items: Boba Fett’s only prized possessions are his personal heavily modified Mandalorian armour suit and his ship, Slave I.


Contact: Boba Fett