Auron Ronso



Name: Auron Ronso

Type: PC

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance

Occupation: Wing Commander & Member of Rogue Squadron (Rogue 3)

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Height: 1.75 meters

Weight: 70 Kg

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Marital Status: Married

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Alderian, Gallor

Family: Married to Kyra Ronso. Father - Seymour Ronso (alive), Stepmother - Yuna Ronso (alive) and his biological mother died in a speeder accident.


Physical Description: Auron has brown hair and eyes, and he stands at medium height with an athletic build. He has charmed face which is the opposite of common pilots of the Rebel Alliance.


Form of Dress: When on duty he wears the regular pilot gear or combat uniform depending of type of the mission. Off-mission he normally wears regular pants with a T-shirt and a black leather jacket, and knee high boots, but always with a certain level of elegance.


Background: Auron was born in the Alderian, Gallor. He came from a rich family because his father, Seymour Ronso, was the sole descendant of a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. His mother died when Auron was five, victim to a speeder accident. A year after his mother's death, his father married another woman, named Yuna. No one knew about his stepmother's true secret except for Auron. She was an ex-Republic soldier and when the Empire was established an active Spy for the Rebel Alliance. It was through her that young Auron started to become interested in starfighters and the Rebel Alliance.

At the age of fifteen, Auron entered the Pilot Academy in Alderian and became one of its top students. Seven years later he graduated and received a job offer as an Archadian pilot instructor, which he accepted. A few years later Auron decided that he could be more helpful if he joined the rebel cause and was quickly stationed at Yavin 4.

It was in Yavin 4 that he met Kyra. It was love at first sight. They married in that same month. During a period of constant moving from base to base, until they arrived to Hoth Base and it was here that Auron and Kyra were assigned with Auron’s Squadron the Wild Cats in a reconnaissance mission, but they were ambushed by Imperial Forces. They were too far off for requesting assistance and trying to keep Hoth base secret, so no reinforcements could be called for. Auron's ship was shot down, but everyone thought his ships had exploded, instead it fell to an unknown planet. All pilots were missing in action and probably dead for the exception of Kyra, who in the very end was able to deflect the attackers through an asteroid belt.

It took several hours for Auron to recover conscious after his fighter crash landed on an ice planet much like Hoth. Auron had no recollection who he was and what or why he was doing on this icy planet. He even didn’t recognize the cloths he was wearing or the fighter – at least what was left of it. The only thing he knew was that his name was Auron Ronso, because it said on his spacesuit.

Auron searched the wreckage of his fighter for any clues, but only found had small provision of food and water. Seeing that the wreckage fighter was no place of refuge, Auron decided to pick up all he could and roam into the vast ice planet in search of more well secure place.

With several places of his body still hurting from the crash, Auron quickly drained all his forces when he was caught by heavy storm with a very cold wind, which felt like thousands and thousands of knifes stabbing his skin. As the night set in, he wondered if this was his ultimate end, without any recollection of who he was or the memories he had, but luck seemed to be at his side. Just a few meters away he saw a large entrance of a cave. Auron decided to go there in hopes to be a refuge from the storm.

There he discovered the remains of what seemed a camp site that was long abandoned. Auron searched the camp site, where he found dry and worm cloths a small rifle with a few spare rounds. Auron quickly installed there using some stash dry wood to build a fire to warm up and there he stayed until any rescue would come.

However such rescue never came and Auron stood there for few days trying to recover his strength, but his supplies where running all time low, so he decided to continue to travel this icy rock as he hoped to find at least some warm place with trees since the wood had to come from somewhere.

Almost reaching three days travelling and was losing all hope, when he heard a noise that came from afar. As he reach a place where he could see what the noise was he simply saw a vehicle in the middle of what look like a small valley. Intrigued by this he decided to investigate it. However while he climb down he was surprised by a Bothan pointing a blaster towards Auron. Seeing the blaster with a quick reflection he pointed his rifle towards the Bothan.

The standoff lasted for almost a minute, since it was the time for the Bothan to see that he wasn’t an ordinary thief, since Auron was tired, hungry and hurt. The Bothan saw that some of his face injuries that did not heal yet and didn’t look like injuries of battling some sort of animal or fall of ravine. The Bothan moved his head only so slightly and spoke in basic, where Auron understood the Bothan, as he noticed the Bothan lowered his blaster, Auron did the same.

The Bothan quickly speaking with Auron understood that he crash landed on the planet and had no recollection who he was, or what he did, and even where he was. The Bothan’s compassion took over and decided to help this lost human. Auron quickly learned from the Bothan was part of group of smugglers that used this planet as one of their bases. Auron quickly understood that he was one of the poles and the planet was a full length forest full of life. The Bothan took Auron to the smugglers base where he introduce him to the leader – Captian Vampa – who was somewhat intrigued by Auron.

Auron joined the smugglers, who took him onboard in exchange for the extra handy work. Most time of the work he did was to travel planet to planet, delivering goods to people who where in need, and time to time picking up runaways and refugees who wanted to flee from the iron hand of the Empire. It was here that Auron relearn how evil the Empire was and what it did to people who opposed them.

Working for this group, Auron got romantically involved with a Twi’lek woman, name Kes Gath who was part of Vampa’s crew. However on the planet Excarga things didn’t happen as Auron and his new friends predicted and end up with Auron seeing from the distance Kes being hit by Imperial fire and Auron was forced to abandon her.

During two years being a smuggler he perfected his martial arts with his new mates and even received a sword from Vampa for saving him and many others on the attack they suffered on Excarga. When he heard about the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the second Death Star by the Rebel Alliance a few things came back to his mind, even though mostly remained clouded. One of those memories that he recovered was that he was an Alliance Starfighter Pilot. He asked his new friends if they could take him as far as Tatooine, since he was due to recollect his shattered life.

Once there he went to seek information about the Alliance and where to find them. While on Malastare when the informant – who Auron hired to find about where the Rebel Alliance was located – set a trap to Auron by tipping off the Empire. Auron was able to flee from the stormtroopers that tried to capture him. Seeking answers he quickly tracked down the informant and Auron was forced to kill him since the informant tried to kill Auron. He quick check the informant things and saw that the informant had also tip off a beautiful woman to the Imperial Governor of Malastare, that in the file he read that her name was Rivoche Tarkin and she was rebel operative.

Auron seeing that the trap was set on a party, he decided with the money he had took from the informant, he bought a tuxedo fully intending to go to the party. Arriving at the party, the first reaction he got as normally was; melting any young woman’s hearts that were there. One of them strikes a conversation with him, where she told him it was a Lucian Alliance’s party celebrating their expansion to Malastare. He eventually spotted Rivoche and decided to approach her and invited for a dance. During the dance, Auron told who he was and that the party was a trap to capture her. At first she didn’t belief it first, but being good judge of character, she decided to take chance and flee the scene with Auron.

They were able to flee from Imperial Forces as they stole a transport to leave the planet, but it was shot down by Tie Fighters that went in pursuit of them. Auron and Rivoche were able to survive the crash in the middle of one of the deserts of Malastare. Despite this, they were able to flee from the crash by using the system of caves that the desert had and they eventually cross paths with group of Dug nomads, who told them that it didn’t existed any spaceport in the continent they where in, that they needed to get a boat in the settlement in the coast to go to nearest city who had one. Luckily the nomads where heading in that direction. In the several days that Rivoche and Auron travel with these Dug nomads and romance developed between the two.

However, the stromtroopers that were after them were able to track them down and attacked the nomads, and they took Rivoche as a prisoner. Auron couldn’t leave her behind. The old Dug of the nomad group told Auron that an Imperial complex exist not far from where they were. Auron was able to go to the complex, killed the Imperial Governor of Malastare and rescue Rivoche. Once safe and without any Imperial Forces after them, they rejoined the Dug nomads who took care of their wounds.

A few weeks later they reached the settlement, Auron and Rivoche parted on different paths. While Rivoche would return home to Coruscant and continue to be a Black Operative, Auron wanted to buy a passage on the boat to take him to the nearest city with spaceport to pick up a transport off Malastare and find the Rebels to get himself back on duty as a fighter pilot. With a long kiss of farewell, Rivoche gave Auron the information – he could re-join the Rebel Alliance. With the sensation that two hoped not to find the other in battle, but their love for the other was so strong that would survive the civil war.

With the information given by Rivoche in his hands, he bought a small starfighter that “worked” and departed to join the Rebel Alliance. He was content at the thought of serving the Alliance once again. Despite the reluctance of several high identities of the Rebel Alliance of allowing him to join fearing to be a sleeper Imperial spy. However all doubts where gone when he help out during the escape of the trap of Bakura and the high identities, allowed him becoming part of the reformation of Rogue Squadron into starfighter\commando unit, leaded by his long time friend Wedge Antilles.

Personality: Auron is a gentle and nice person, and generally fun to be with. If he doesn't like someone he will say so quite directly, but he respects everyone and hates xenophobic people. He takes his job very seriously and is very calm in all situations, even when his life is on the line.

Vehicle of Choice: He flies a heavily modified ARC-170 ship, but his favorites are the X-Wing and the Snow speeder, but he'll fly anything that has wings.

Skills & Talents: Martial Arts; Piloting; Reconnaissance; Survival; Dogfighting; Tactics and Combat; Listening to all types of Music, and Chess


Personal Items: He does not have much in his possession, a few credits and a starfighter that most people could call a piece of junk, but for Auron works perfectly. Auron owns a R2 unit called Shetai.


Contact: Auron Ronso