Asajj Ventress



Name: Asajj Ventress

Type: CC

Affiliation: Jedi Order & Rebel Alliance

Force Occupation: Jedi Arcanion

Force Mastery: Jedi Knight, with Sith knowledge

Age: 45

Gender: Female

Height: 1.78 meters

Weight: 65 Kg

Hair Colour: None

Eye Colour: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Species: Rattataki

Place of Birth: Rattatak

Family: Unknown


Physical Description: She is quite mid-height with strong curved body. She has no hair, but has the most deadly brown eyes that anyone has ever saw, she also has several lines tattooed on her face and skull.


Form of Dress: Asajj dresses with her old Sith Robes.


Background: One of the most deadly and tragic opponents to emerge from the battlefields, of the Clone Wars was Asajj Ventress, a disciple of the dark side and sworn enemy of the Jedi. A lifetime of enduring cruel hardship had purged any compassion from her cold heart, and a fierce survival instinct forged in the ceaseless dangers of her bloody homeworld kept her on the dark path.


Much of her past remains shrouded in mystery. Ventress hails from Rattatak, a barbaric world where violent bloodshed is a daily occurrence. The primitive planet is far from the Republic borders, and is ruled by brutal warlords who constantly battle for dominion. A warlord named Osika Kirske murdered Asajjís parents when she was very young. Somehow, a young Jedi named Ky Narec came to be stranded on this forsaken world. Cut off from the Jedi Council, Narec discovered Asajj and took it upon himself to train the Force-strong orphan. The two quickly became heroes, vanquishing many warlords, ending wars, and uniting armies until Kirske conspired with the remaining warlords to retaliate. They succeeded in killing Narec before he could complete Asajjís training.


As a result, she had the skills of the Jedi combined with a raw, unfocused talent in the Force. She never controlled her instinctual fury, and when her master died, she developed a hatred for the Republic that had abandoned her mentor, and had ignored the atrocities of Rattatak.


Asajjís rage fueled her power, and she clawed her way up to a position of authority on the lawless world of Rattatak. She conquered and imprisoned most of the remaining warlords, including Osika Kirske, whom she would eventually kill. She could best any of the monstrous combatants in the gladiatorial games held regularly on the world. Shortly after Count Dooku came to Rattatak, looking for another world to add to the Separatist fold. What he found instead was far more promising.


Asajjís raw talent and fierce determination impressed Dooku. The charismatic leader of the Confederacy was able to recruit the young warrior by appealing to her disgust with the Jedi and the Republic. Dooku confirmed Asajjís bitter ideas that the Jedi had abandoned their ethics and convictions. Asajj proved her skills by challenging Dooku to a Duel. Though Dooku won the sparring contest, he invited Asajj to accompany him back into the Confederacy as a personal protťgť.


Though Asajj longed to identify herself as a Sith, she did not receive Sith training. While Dooku helped hone her talents, he thought her none of the knowledge unique to the Sith. Her skills were a combination of incomplete Jedi training couple with her own techniques. Her raw talents and bottomless well of anger and pain bolstered her dark side abilities. Giving into her rage granted her further powers.


Although she had been tasked with eliminating Anakin Skywalker, ventress Slowly became obsessed not with the boy, but his master Ė Obi-Wan Kenobi. She and Kenobi squared off at Ord Cestus after she incapacitated Kit Fisto, though she was unable to defeat the elder Jedi. However, during the Battle of Jabiim, Ventress finally managed to capture Kenobi, and transported him to her castle on Rattatak for interrogation, to show the Count Dooku how worthless the Jedi Knight was. Kenobi escaped with Alpha-17 and again fought Ventress before leaving. However, Kenobi stole both Ky nerecís lightsaber and Ventressís starfighter, using the latter to reach Veronat, and Leaving Ventress Broken and tearful on the landing platform. Asajj later met up with both Anakin and Obi-Wan on the planet Vjun, but turned tail when faced with the task of fighting them both.


During the initial staged of the Battle of Rendili, Obi-Wan discovered the renegade Quinlan Vos aboard the exploration vessel Titavian IV. He had betrayed Dookuís trust, and the Count had sent Asajj and Tol Skorr to eliminate him. Asajj and Obi-Wan battle yet again, though this time Asajj felt assured of victory, riding a ferocious rancor in pursuit of her nemesis. Obi-Wan and Quinlan escaped, but Asajj followed Obi-Wan back to Coruscant.


Once there, Asajj stayed for a time on Coruscant, before Asajj ambushed Anakin Skywalker, engaging him in a duel atop the skyscrapers of one of the Galactic Cityís industrial sectors. Ventress seemed to have upper hand, and left a scar down the side of Anakinís face. However, Anakin again used his anger to defeat Ventress. He entwined her body in thick electric cables, and then sent her plummeting down into the murky lower levels. Asajj barely survived her fall.


Throughout their battles, Obi-Wan had learned more and more of Ventressís past. He concluded that Asajj was misled, not evil, and took it upon himself to find her and bring her back to the light. Anakin was convinced he had killed her on Coruscant, and Obi_Wan was not thinking clearly, but the two uncovered a trail of clues that confirmed her survival and location.


Ventress had been sent to the planet Boz Pity, where she was placed in a bacta tank by Count Dooku. When Republic forces attacked Boz Pity, Obi-Wan came upon the chamber in which Ventress was contained, and was subsequently attacked by her when she detected him in her trance. She fought against both Kenobi and Anakin, only to be unexpectedly abandoned by Dooku, who ordered an IG-100 MagnaGuard to kill her as she desperately tried to reach Dookuís shuttle.


Enraged and wounded, Ventress filled by hate attempted to kill Kenobi, who was trying to help her, only to be dealt a mortal wound by Anakin. As she lay dying, Ventress told Obi-Wan the location of the Seperatists next target, and finally let go of her Anger and rage. Perhaps she mused Obi-Wan had been right about her.


Despite appearances to the country, Ventress did not die, instead placing herself in a Sith trance on Boz Pity. She was loaded aboard the medical frigate Bright Flight, and while onboard, emerged from her trance and ordered the pilots to alter their course, to take her as far away as possible from the war, Dooku and the Jedi.


After the fall of the Republic, Asajj learned something that would change her life, but a thing happen that would make in her drastic change of personality to the point to walk the path of the light, but in fact where two things.


While she passing by Dagobah, she felt disturbance in the Force, she had the urge to go on the planet. Asajj landed on the planet and search the area, when she discovered Master Yoda. Yoda told that he knew the two secrets that she was trying to hide from the Galaxy. Asajj was trained by Yoda in the way of the Jedi and concluding the training that she started with Master Ky Narec.


After few years living with Yoda in Dagobah, Asajj was told of an old power called the Arcanum. Yoda explained that the Arcanum, was one of the many prophecies of the Jedi, that it could be misinterpreted and Yoda told her that only an opened minded person could find it. Yoda tells her that he had Force Vision of a far more darker times for the people of the Galaxy, then the darkness they were in with the Empire and that the Power of the Arcanum could be the light to fight such darkness.


It was only year before the arrival of Luke Skywalker, that Asajj finally abandoned Dagobah in search of the Arcanum, and for the first time she on a mission as fully trained Jedi, to find the power of the Arcanum and to face the stronger darkness that is threatening the Galaxy.


Personality: She still has a cold heart, but she is the most loyal of the Jedi. She is a person that other people can trust and have the honor to fight long side her in a battle. Might as she seems extremely arrogant towards other, but at each passing day, she slowly to loose such arrogance, however she stills holds a grand secret that wants no one to know about it.


Vehicle of Choice: KSE Aethersprite-Class Delta-9 Jedi Starfighter:

Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering

Length: 12 Meter long

Crew: 2 pilots (can be pilot by 1 pilot) and 1 modified, integrated astromech droid

Weapons: 2 dual laser cannons

Special Features: Integrated Hyperspace capability.


Force Skills & Talents: Asajj is equivalent to Sith Apprentice combined with the skills of a fully fledge Jedi. She has perfected her lightsaber combat form that uses paired blades to strike and parry.


Personal Items: She carries twin lighsabers given by Count Dooku, and each bears a similar archaic curved handle design favored by the former Jedi Master. Asajjís lightsaber handles are especially modified so that they can connect into a joined, S-shape handle, becoming a double-bladed lightsaber, Asajj when to the planet Illum where she replace the crystals to blue crystal, thus her Double-bladed lightsaber as a blue color.


Contact: Asajj Ventress