Alisson Blair



Name: Alisson Blair

Type: PC

Affiliation:The Jedi Order & Rebel Alliance

Force Occupation: Jedi Guardian & Rogue Squadron (Rogue 4)

Force Mastery: Jedi Padawan

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 1.79 meters

Weight: 64 Kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Marital Status: Single

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Tatooine

Family: Father – Kalsius Blair (died), Mother – Unknown


Physical Description: Alisson shows great wisdom about her actions for her age. She is body can be at first look very weak one, but she shows great physical skills and has mentality of never to give up when things get tough. Being Non-Force Sensitive person, she shows very skill in Martial Arts then most people at her age and she gifted student that can capture a movement in fight and use it as her own, also she can learned about many things quite rapidly.


Form of Dress: She wears several robes, which protects to the heat of the two suns of Tatooine. She wears a small crystal pendant that she owns.


Background: Ever since she can remember, Alisson Blair never met other life that she carries with her father Kalsius Blair on Tatooine, working on their moisture farm. Alisson doesn’t know anything about her mother, because Kalsius never told her about her.

From very young age, Alisson always helped out her grandfather on the day to day life at the farm, planting the crops, repairing broken machinery or even go to Anchorhead to sell the water that they gathered in their farm.

Kalsius always kept her busy at farm, but not everything she worked at the farm involved farm working. It all seemed a bit strange to her, but she always obeyed her father and did what he order her, no matter how strange it was.

She also began to create a fascination towards Pod Racing, where she always sneaked from Kalsius when ever she could to see the pod racings at the old arena. It was from here that she began to hear stories from the galaxy the fight of the Empire against the Rebel Alliance and began to dream a life outside of Tatooine, but always she decided by herself that those dreams would be ever be dreams, because her place was by Kalsius side.

Tatooine was not planet where small child could get many friends, the only friends she knew was a group that had different ages. Most of the times Alisson got in trouble with Kelsius because she took heavy risks just to prove herself to her friends, because she was the youngest of the group, and she wanted to prove herself to them.

One of those times, was when Alisson accepted a challenge to race at Beggar’s Canyon, where she tried to pass trough the Stone Needle, but she was going with to much speed, that she hit one of the side walls taking part of wing T-16 Skyhopper, that made spin without control and soon after, she crashed landed. Kelsius was furious with Alisson and punished her not leaving their moisture Farm for the next mounth.

This near miss, taught her two things to Alisson. The first is that you don’t need to follow your friends or they cease to be your friend, or they are your friend or they are not, period. The second is that was that she needed to slow down in sharp turns.

Alisson never flew again, as part of Kelsius punishment, but she always goes with her friends, to Beggar’s Canyon but she remains at the ground watching her friends doing races, because Alisson made promise to her father she would never race again. The didn’t stop her from giving points to her friends, in how to successfully make the turn at Stone needle, without suffering much damage.

Everything change when a Dark Jedi appeared invading their home and attacked Kalsius with no apparent reason, his father knew the attacker, but refused to tell what the Dark Jedi wanted to know. Alisson was able to elude the stormtroopers that accompanied him, by touching the Force. She was able to escape, with the aid of Asajj Ventress, but they weren’t able to rescue her father.

Asajj took Alisson to Naboo, where she delivered her to her old friend Luke Skywalker and now under his tutelage she would become a Jedi. Alisson still dreams how her life would be Tatooine if the dark Jedi didn’t enter on her life, but on the other hand her life has a Jedi would open new wonders, where she would learn a lot about the Force, the Jedi, the Galaxy and use it to fight the Empire.

Personality: Alisson by nature is nice and gentle, but she is deadly opponent and will face her enemies with conviction and deadly force. To her friends and family she is loyal and will do everything to protect them. She is always secure in what she does. She always respects the value of his adversaries; which is why she never is over confidant to a fight and when she is wrong she admits it.


Vehicle of Choice: X-Wing


Skills & Talents: Her skills on the Martial Arts are extended far then any kid at her age. She is extremely skilled in Martial Arts. She takes great interest in the subjects the Force, and no one knows why, not even herself. She can be considered a very fierce opponent, because she can she can honed her reflexes to such an extent she can execute techniques and motion of her body almost by instinct.


Personal Items: She owns a crystal pendent which belonged to her mother, which was on her ever since she was born and blue colored lightsaber.


Contact: Alisson Blair